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Experience a Heart Transplant in 360°

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The first human-to-human heart transplant electrified the world in December 1967. But now 50 years later, the activities involved in a heart transplant procedure are still a mystery to most people. Now, UT Southwestern is offering an unprecedented 360˚ view.

Join us for a remarkable experience and witness a heart transplant as it’s never been seen outside the operating room before – from the delivery of the donated heart to the initial surgical incision to the final close.

UT Southwestern 360° Heart Transplant

A breathtaking view of a lifesaving procedure. Witness medical history with UT Southwestern.

This video is graphic in nature. Viewer discretion is advised.

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“About 3,000 people have a heart transplant every year. It’s never routine, and time is usually of the essence. But it’s always exciting to see that first heartbeat again from the donor heart.”

Matthias Peltz, M.D.
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Our Surgeons

Our team’s specialized skills and training enable us to treat even the most complex cases of heart failure, including patients with other serious medical conditions and those in need of a simultaneous heart-lung or heart-kidney transplantation. We are one of the few medical centers in Texas that have performed a heart-liver transplant, a complicated procedure in which a newly implanted heart must withstand the stress of a liver transplant and the toxins released from the donor organ. UT Southwestern accepts many patients who have been turned away by other centers.

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Matthias Peltz, M.D.

Dr. Peltz, Associate Professor of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery and Surgical Director of Cardiac Transplantation at UT Southwestern, is a board-certified cardiothoracic surgeon and treats patients with surgical heart disease. He is especially interested in coronary artery bypass grafting and heart transplantation.

Meet Dr. Peltz

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John Murala, M.D.

Dr. Murala, Assistant Professor of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery, is a fellowship-trained cardiothoracic surgeon specializing in heart transplant surgery, lung transplant surgery, adult congenital heart surgery, and advanced cardiac therapies. He also specializes in Ex vivo lung perfusion (EVLP) or artificial lung support.

Meet Dr. Murala

Our team carefully coordinates the heart transplant surgery. The process involves removing the heart from the donor, preparing it for implant, and suturing the new organ into the recipient.

Heart Transplant Program Video

As a leading transplant center in North Texas, we have the experience and expertise that lead to excellent patient outcomes. Our three-year survival rate surpasses the national average for heart transplantation.

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What to Expect During a Heart Transplant

The goal of heart transplantation is to both prolong and improve quality of life. After a thorough evaluation, if our multidisciplinary team believes that a heart transplant is a patient’s best treatment option – and the patient wishes to pursue this option – his or her name is added to the national United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) waiting list. Wait times can range from days to months.

When a suitable donor is found, most patients are in the operating room within hours. Time is of the essence.

After transplant, extensive after care is needed to provide the best outcome. Our transplant team provides patients with extended medical management, care, and support.

Learn more about the heart transplant process.

The gift of a new heart

Gary Thomas’ heart was only functioning at 8 percent when he was placed on a transplant list. One year later, after undergoing a heart transplant that was filmed in 360 degree format and broadcast around the world, Thomas is thankful for his second chance at life.