Sumeet S. Teotia, M.D., is Professor of Plastic Surgery and Director of the Breast Reconstruction Program at UT Southwestern Medical Center. He specializes in breast reconstruction surgery after cancer.

Dr. Teotia earned a bachelor’s degree in theoretical mathematics and a medical degree from the University of Virginia.

His formal surgical foundation began at the Mayo Clinic. Dr. Teotia completed a surgery internship at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, and a general surgery residency at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona. He was a Chief Surgical Resident Associate at Mayo Clinic-Scottsdale, and in that role, he was appointed as an Instructor in General Surgery.

Additionally, he was a clinical investigator and completed a research fellowship in cardiothoracic surgery and transplantation at Mayo Clinic-Rochester, with a focus on cardiac xenotransplantation. During his years in Minnesota, Dr. Teotia was also an attending general surgeon at Olmsted County Medical Center.

He then finished a residency in plastic and reconstructive surgery at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and was also a Chief Resident Associate. Dr. Teotia thereafter completed a fellowship in aesthetic plastic surgery at UT Southwestern and Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute.

Prior to joining UT Southwestern’s Department of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Teotia worked in private practice in North Carolina as Associate Partner at Charlotte Plastic Surgery, P.A. He was a Clinical Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

A breast reconstruction surgeon, Dr. Teotia enjoys the challenging nature of breast reconstruction, which is the primary part of his practice at UT Southwestern. Additionally, he’s a classically trained artist and draftsman, medical illustrator, and a skilled aesthetic surgeon.

Dr. Teotia has been an author or co-author of over 100 peer-reviewed publications focusing on breast reconstruction in various leading plastic surgery journals. The Breast Reconstruction Program at UTSW has received the institution’s Program Development Award. For over a decade, the UTSW breast reconstruction research team has presented numerous scientific papers at various regional, national, and international plastic surgery meetings, garnering many awards.

His medical art and illustrations have appeared in prominent journals such as the Journal of the American Medical Association, Mastery of Surgery, and Principles of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Teotia was the lead surgical illustrator of the second edition of Surgical Recall, a popular handbook in general surgery.

Dr. Teotia grew up in a military family and has lived and traveled throughout the world, calling many places his home. Today, he continues to travel and is a charter plastic surgeon at Alliance for Smiles in San Francisco.

Dr. Teotia has won numerous awards for his humanitarian work around the world in cleft lip and palate surgery. His sabbaticals in international surgery have been throughout China (including Wenzhou, Jiujiang, and Harbin), the Philippines, the Middle East, and South and Central America.

With the support of the Peruvian American Medical Society, Dr. Teotia has traveled to the Andes mountains to provide humanitarian services in Ayacucho, Peru. Additionally, along with his wife, who is also a plastic surgeon, he has been part of a medical team supported by HELPS International, a nonprofit providing care at a military base in Huehuetenango, Guatemala.

Over the years, Dr. Teotia has been included in D Magazine's Best Doctors lists and named a Super Doctor by Texas Monthly.

Personal Note

Dr. Teotia is dedicated to his family and travels extensively. In his spare time, he maintains a private classical art studio. He is a faculty mentor for the classical drawing course and frequently lectures on drawing methods. A lifelong artist, Dr. Teotia studied under prominent artist James Childs (1945–2020) for over a decade at the Drawing Academy of the Atlantic in New York City.

Meet Dr. Teotia

Specialist in Breast Reconstruction after Cancer in Dallas, Texas

Sumeet S. Teotia, M.D., specializes in breast reconstruction surgery after cancer. He is a Professor of Plastic Surgery and Director of the Breast Reconstruction Program at UT Southwestern in Dallas, Texas. In addition, Dr. Teotia is a classically trained artist, which is at the core of his approach to reconstructive surgery.

As the Director of the Breast Reconstruction Program at UTSW in Dallas, Dr. Teotia is closely involved with the multidisciplinary breast cancer team through the Harold C. Simmons Cancer Center. Together with this team, Dr. Teotia is able to offer alternative and creative solutions.

Dr. Teotia specializes in the use of flaps, such as deep inferior epigastric perforator (DIEP), lumbar artery perforator (LAP), profounda artery perforator (PAP), and stacked flaps. He has performed more than 2,500 of these procedures.

Flaps transplant the patient's own tissue from other parts of the body to reconstruct the breast. The breast reconstruction team in in Dallas has helped pioneer a number of techniques and protocols in various flaps and combination procedures, including preserving muscle, reducing operative time and pain, decreasing complications, and ultimately providing appropriate natural results.

The UTSW team has worked to streamline processes and set protocols, and they’ve written over 100 publications dedicated to improving reconstructive outcomes. Many patients seek and are eligible for flap reconstruction other than DIEP flaps, such as LAP, PAP, or stacked flaps. The team at UTSW has extensive experience in these uncommon types of flaps.

Dr. Teotia is part of an expert team that offers a broad spectrum of flap procedures for cancer patients after a mastectomy. Some of these flap approaches and procedures have been introduced, developed, and refined at UT Southwestern.

"These types of procedures are technically demanding and require highly trained specialists and surgical teams. At UT Southwestern, we rise to the challenges and provide unique and alternative flap-based solutions that attempt to create natural-appearing breasts," Dr. Teotia says.

Experienced Breast Reconstruction Surgeon in Dallas, Texas

Along with his dedication to providing high-quality surgical care, Dr. Teotia is also a classically trained artist. Growing up in a military family, he moved regularly and traveled often at a young age. During his childhood, he found connection through art.

"It provided a permanence to the impermanence," Dr. Teotia says.

Dr. Teotia approaches each patient from an artistic perspective. To him, it's important to spend time talking to his patients so that he can understand their journey, attempt to get a brief glimpse into their lives, and learn how the patients perceive themselves.

"In breast reconstruction, my practice is geared toward an aesthetic-based reconstruction, beginning with understanding how a patient appears pre-operatively, what is encountered during surgery, and what possibilities exist to reach a maximum result,” he says.

"I'm not offering life-saving surgery, but I am attempting to provide a life-changing result. My goal is to ensure my patients are satisfied with the results that can be realistically achieved."

He combines his talents and a rare classical drawing background with science and surgery in a sincere attempt to achieve what he calls a beautiful harmony grounded in honest, achievable, visual reality. His goal is geared toward an aesthetic balance that is in concert with a harmonious result.

"Like cancer, my road has not been a straight path. I've trained at various top-tier hospitals, including the Mayo Clinic, but I found my home in Dallas, at UT Southwestern, where I can work alongside and collaborate with other breast reconstruction surgeons, and have the artistic freedom to create the best and safest results for my patients."

Dr. Teotia teaches classical art concepts to medical students with the goal of passing along valuable lessons he's learned from sculpting and drawing. He has also published articles in medical art.

"In the end, the composition must work to create a beautiful piece of art, particularly in drawing," he says.

To him, breast reconstruction fulfills that incredible need to create.

"My profession is a surgeon; my true passion is art and drawing, and I'm extremely dedicated to both. I believe these two disciplines complement each other and make me a better surgeon, artist, and person."

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Education & Training
  • Internship - Mayo Clinic College of Medicine (1996-1997), General Surgery
  • Fellowship - Mayo Clinic College of Medicine (2001-2003), Clinical Investigation
  • Fellowship - UT Southwestern Medical Center (2005-2006), Aesthetic Surgery
  • Residency - University of North Carolina School of Medicine (2003-2005), General Surgery
  • Residency - Mayo Clinic Scottsdale (1997-2001), General Surgery
  • Medical School - University of Virginia School of Medicine (1992-1996)
Professional Associations & Affiliations
  • University of Virginia Alumni Association
  • Nathan Womack Surgical Society
  • Mayo Clinic Priestly Surgical Society
  • Mayo Clinic Alumni Association
Honors & Awards
  • D Magazine Best Doctor, 2018, 2021-2022
  • Humanitarian 5 year Service Medal, Alliance For Smiles, San Francisco, CA 2011
  • Balfour Surgical Research Award, Mayo Clinic 2002, Cardiac Xenotransplantation
  • Facial Composite Tissue Allotransplantation
  • Aesthetic Surgery

Clinical Focus

  • Breast Reconstruction After Cancer
  • Breast Surgery

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