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Mammography is our most powerful breast cancer detection tool. It uses X-rays to create an image of breast tissue that can reveal abnormalities such as tumors or cysts long before a patient or doctor can feel them.

At the University Hospital Simmons Cancer Center Breast Imaging Mammography Clinic, our dynamic and innovative radiology team is committed to achieving the highest standards of patient care while staying on the leading edge of new developments and clinical applications in the ever-changing field of medical imaging.

Preparing for Your Appointment

Patients who have had previous mammograms or sonograms at another clinic should bring the films and written reports to the appointment if they haven’t been sent to our office. Comparison with previous images allows for a more thorough evaluation.

For comfort and privacy, it is recommended that patients wear a comfortable two-piece outfit on the day of the appointment because they will be asked to undress from the waist up. It is recommended that the patient not wear deodorants, powders, or creams on the day of the appointment because some contain tiny metal particles (aluminum salts, etc.) that might be visible on the mammogram image. These artifacts could obstruct the view of the breast tissue.

Arriving for Your Appointment

When the patient first arrives at our clinic, she or he will check in and complete some paperwork before being escorted to a dressing room to change into a front-opening smock.

Most mammograms take only a few minutes to complete. Our certified mammographer will position the patient in front of a special X-ray machine specifically for mammograms. The patient’s breast will be placed between two plastic plates, which will press the breast tissue to flatten it for the clearest X-ray image. The patient might be uncomfortable for a few seconds, but this is normal and necessary to get the best view of the breast tissue. Because of this discomfort, it’s a good idea for women to avoid scheduling a mammogram just prior to the patient’s menstrual period.

The mammographer will view the images on a computer screen in the room before presenting them to a radiologist for interpretation.

A radiologist will review all the images and send a report to both the patient and the referring doctor, who will discuss the results with the patient.

The Only NCI-Designated Comprehensive Cancer Center in North Texas

Simmons Cancer Center is the first and only medical center in North Texas to earn the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Comprehensive designation.

This elite distinction, which is held by only about 50 cancer centers nationwide, recognizes innovative research and excellence in patient care. It is the gold standard for cancer programs.