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Breast Reconstruction Surgery in Dallas and Frisco

New approach to robotic mastectomy can preserve full breast and nipple sensation

This new robot-assisted breast cancer surgery can preserve a woman’s breast and nipple sensation – something unimaginable just five years ago.

Microsurgery can help reduce the risk of lymphedema after breast cancer surgery

Discover how microsurgical procedures can help reduce the risk of lymphedema after cancer surgery and provide a new treatment option for patients.

Corrective breast reconstruction: Free-flap procedures offer natural options if implants fail

Having a breast reconstruction fail is devastating. Dr. Teotia and Dr. Haddock at UTSW are pioneers in flap procedures. They work to improve recovery, and results.

New breast reconstruction approach delivers efficiency, natural results for cancer patients

UT Southwestern offers authentic breast reconstruction with DIEP flap surgery. Our techniques have delivered an improved and streamlined patient experience.

Free-flap breast reconstruction: A natural alternative to implants after cancer

Free-flap breast reconstruction with natural body tissue has emerged as a long-lasting alternative to implants after breast cancer. Explore how women benefit from the procedure, and learn about the patient-centric processes our surgeons followed to become world-class experts.

Loss & Recovery

After months of treatment and a double mastectomy, Felicia Whisenhunt benefited from an innovative breast reconstruction procedure.

Now in Frisco: World-class plastic surgery and breast reconstruction experts

Frisco families can access high-quality, advanced cosmetic and reconstructive surgery without having to trek to Dallas. Discover the surgical and nonsurgical procedures UT Southwestern offers in Frisco.