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What does the rectal cancer trial's 100% remission rate mean for young patients?

A groundbreaking study showed a 100% response to immunotherapy for a type of rectal cancer. See what the findings mean, who might benefit, and what’s next.


Living with diverticulitis: Get the full scope of symptoms, treatment, and prevention

Contrary to popular belief, diverticulitis typically does not require surgery. Learn how this colon condition develops, what its symptoms are, and how to prevent flare-ups.

Cancer; Digestive

Colonoscopy and alternative screenings for colon cancer just got easier

Age 45 is the new milestone for average-risk patients to get their first colorectal cancer screening. Get the latest screening options – including easier colonoscopy prep! – and everything you need to know about getting screened.


Death of 'Black Panther' star sheds light on young adults' colon cancer risks

As colorectal cancer cases rise in young adults, people in their 30s or 40s must never assume they’re too young to get the disease. Patricio Polanco, M.D., suggests that healthier lifestyle choices and earlier screenings could prevent some of these cases and facilitate early detection. Learn more.