Your Pregnancy Matters

Personal stories: Creative ways North Texans have revealed their babies’ genders

Your Pregnancy Matters

Last week, we shared the ins and outs of gender-reveal parties – a fairly new trend that we’ve seen in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. This week we are highlighting some of the stories we’ve heard from moms and dads who’ve held gender-reveal parties

One couple found out through the color of icing inside cupcakes, another threw a scuba-themed party because dad is a scuba instructor, and the third revealed their baby’s gender through professional photos posted to Facebook.

These are their stories in their own words. Thank you for sharing.

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Blue or pink icing?

My wife, Monica, is the creative brain of the operation. She went on Pinterest to get different ideas. We asked the doctor to put the sex of the baby in an envelope. My wife took the envelope to a bakery.

“I need two cupcakes for dinner. If it's a boy, blue icing on the inside of both. Pink for a girl,” she told them.

We went out to dinner at Gloria’s Restaurant that night and were planning on eating the cupcakes for dessert. We asked the waiter to videotape it for us.

We cut open the cupcakes. It was awesome. We both wanted a boy, and when we found out that it was a boy, it was just magical.

As you can see in the video, we screamed when we found out. We actually scared some people near us. Once people at nearby tables realized what was going on, they congratulated us.

I would absolutely recommend something like this to expecting parents. Sometimes we forget to enjoy the moment. This is a fun thing to do. And down the road, we’ll show our son how excited we were when we found out.

– As told by Timothy Nicholas

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Friends liked couple’s Facebook gender-reveal photos

We are not huge baby shower people, so we researched some alternate ideas on Pinterest. After seeing something similar, we decided to have professional photos taken. We took a box with a sign that said 'It’s a ?' on it. We posed with the box and then opened it to get a photo with blue balloons coming out. Yes, it’s a boy!

We did actually know ahead of time but still wanted to release the gender in a creative way.

The photos turned out great, but we were lucky. At first the balloons didn’t come out exactly right and, of course, we only had so many balloons. Every time you open the box, the helium-filled balloons take off! Then it started raining really hard. The box was drenched.

But we got some good shots and posted them in a Facebook photo album. We thought this was the quickest way to share the gender with everyone. We also emailed the photos to people, but most everyone is on Facebook today.

We posted the photos in sequence, and it definitely blew up our Facebook pages.

It’s a memory maker that Jo Ann didn’t do with her now 14-year-old daughter, who also participated. We now have this memory.

We would highly suggest that people take pictures or have a party.

– As told by Ben and Jo Ann Eckert

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Scuba diving: What color will the fins be?

We like to celebrate, and I wanted our announcement to be unique. My husband is a scuba diver so it was a scuba-diving themed party. As people arrived, we asked them to pick a blue or pink lei to guess our baby’s gender.

We had a wrapped box with blue or pink fins inside to eventually make the announcement. We opened it, and there were pink fins! A girl!

We knew ahead of time, but it was a lot of fun for our friends, and we had fun making them wait and building the suspense.

– As told by Teresa Davis

As you can see, there are different ways and reasons for doing a gender-reveal party or event. It’s truly a personal decision to celebrate the life-changing event of a new baby, and it’s great to hear some of your stories.

Thank you for sharing.