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Advanced sinus surgery relieves nasal polyp symptoms – without a long recovery

Nasal polyps can make it difficult to breathe, sleep, or enjoy your daily life. Learn how advanced sinus surgery can get patients back to breathing easier – with less pain and a shorter recovery than traditional sinus procedures.

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What does the rectal cancer trial's 100% remission rate mean for young patients?

A groundbreaking study showed a 100% response to immunotherapy for a type of rectal cancer. See what the findings mean, who might benefit, and what’s next.

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Helping the heart heal itself: The science of regeneration

The concept of regenerating or growing heart tissue is not far-fetched. Ongoing research by UT Southwestern's Hesham Sadek, M.D., Ph.D., may potentially change the future of care for patients with mild to moderate heart disease.

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Unlocking the causes of Gulf War Illness

After 30 years of Gulf War Illness research, UTSW has identified the chemical – and a genetic variant – that made some servicemembers chronically ill while some had no symptoms.

"Make no mistake, COVID-19 is not just 'a bad case of flu.' It's much worse. Even if you get a mild case, people you infect might not. We can't afford to trivialize COVID-19."

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Taking aim at tau to develop Alzheimer's breakthroughs

At UT Southwestern, physician-scientists at the Peter O’Donnell Jr. Brain Institute have been hard at work trying to unravel the brain’s biggest mysteries. Dr. Marc Diamond and his lab are making significant progress studying the tau protein and uncovering the fundamental roots of Alzheimer’s in hopes of developing an effective treatment for the disease.