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William T. and Gay F. Solomon General Internal Medicine Clinic

HPV vaccine: Preventing a sexually transmitted cancer

More than 95% of sexually active adults will be infected with HPV at some point in their lives and never know it. In addition, HPV is linked to 34,800 cases of cancer in America every year. But recent changes to the HPV vaccine guidelines provide hope in preventing HPV-related cancer. Find out more.

Farm to table: Rediscovering a simple, practical approach to food

Our diets have shifted dramatically over the years, and what used to be a farm-to-table approach to eating has become factory to fast-food window. This dynamic has created a dysfunctional and potentially dangerous relationship between us and what we eat. Americans might consider looking back to the simpler times for better solutions.

Teen vaping: Talking points for parents

Teen tobacco use has trended downward for years, but an alarming number of teens have turned to vaping instead. In this week’s blog, David Balis, M.D., discusses talking points for parents to help teens quit using e-cigarettes and kick their nicotine habits.

The lingering cough – what it might mean

It’s a common complaint we see often in primary care. A patient will come in complaining of “a cough that just won’t go away” despite use of every over-the-counter remedy. Lingering cough is a frustrating symptom that can affect sleep, work, and social or recreational activities.

3 tips for safer, healthier international travel

Although the busy summer travel season is coming to an end, it’s never too late to think about and plan for future travel. Here are three things to consider as part of your preparation.

Shunning Shingles with a sure shot of Shingrix

Shingles can cause seniors to develop long-term pain and an unsightly rash. However, this viral infection can be prevented with Shingrix, an effective, two-dose vaccination. In this week’s blog, Abiola Fadayomi, M.S.N., APRN, AGNP-BC, discusses who should get Shingrix and how it compares to previous vaccinations.

Insomnia: Don’t lose sleep over it

A little-known treatment for chronic insomnia offers longer-lasting benefits than medication or sleep hygiene techniques. Cognitive behavioral therapy focusing on insomnia (CBT-I) involves personalized care and group-based therapy. Learn more.

Influenza hammers Dallas County: What Texans need to know

As influenza A cases rise in Dallas County, it’s important to protect yourself and your family from infection. Find tips to avoid the flu and current information about vaccine recommendations.