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Plastic Surgery; Prevention

BIA-ALCL: 5 questions and answers about a cancer linked to breast implants

BIA-ALCL is a lymphoproliferative disorder of the immune system that can affect women who have had certain kinds of breast implants. Get answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about this disease.

Heart; Prevention

How CTEPH treatment can eliminate blood clots in the lungs

People who develop a blood clot in the lungs typically treat it within three months by taking blood thinners. However, select patients with CTEPH must instead undergo surgery to remove the blood clot. Learn what surgical options are available at UT Southwestern.

Aging; Prevention

Minimally invasive ear surgery offers significant advantages over open ear surgery

Ear, nose, and throat specialists at UT Southwestern are pioneering minimally invasive endoscopic surgery techniques to treat internal ear conditions without incisions.

Prevention; Women's Health

Heavy periods aren’t normal in teens – and might indicate a serious concern

Heavy periods in teen girls are often brushed off as a normal part of adolescence. But it’s not normal, and it can indicate a more serious condition. Discover how the Young Women’s Blood Disorders Program offers proper diagnosis and treatment to prevent long-term complications.


3 tips for safer, healthier international travel

Although the busy summer travel season is coming to an end, it’s never too late to think about and plan for future travel. Here are three things to consider as part of your preparation.


Shunning Shingles with a sure shot of Shingrix

Shingles can cause seniors to develop long-term pain and an unsightly rash. However, this viral infection can be prevented with Shingrix, an effective, two-dose vaccination. In this week’s blog, Abiola Fadayomi, M.S.N., APRN, AGNP-BC, discusses who should get Shingrix and how it compares to previous vaccinations.


Placenta therapy: Patient selection key to best outcomes


Beyond the lungs: How CFTR modulators benefit cystic fibrosis patients

Traditionally, patients with cystic fibrosis have been treated with inhaled medications that could affect the lungs with limited systemic effects. However, a relatively new set of drugs, CFTR modulators, offer an oral alternative with the potential to slow the progression of the disease for up to 90 percent of patients.


Finding balance: Is it dizziness or vertigo?

Dizziness can occur for many reasons, and almost everyone will experience it. How to tell if it’s something more serious, such as vertigo.


Stop the Kidney Stone Madness

Let’s talk about what kidney stones are and why the recurrence rate is so high. Then I’ll let you know about the research my team is doing to try to bring this recurrence number down.