A 'Honey-Do' List That Matters


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Rudy Nelson Lea Jr., M.D.

What should men be doing to stay in top form? Here’s what Family Medicine Specialist Rudy Nelson Lea Jr., M.D., tells his male patients at the UT Southwestern Clinical Center Richardson/Plano, where he practices.

1. Get An Annual Checkup

Like our cars, our bodies put on mileage. Annual physicals or well person exams help detect and prevent problems resulting from high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, and more. These simple visits could include age-appropriate screenings for prostate and colon cancer, which are treatable if caught early.

2. Keep Up With The "Low-T"

No matter your age, ask about testosterone levels if you feel increased fatigue, a decreased sex drive, or unexplained hair loss.

3. Don't Let It Linger

If something doesn’t go away or get better after you’ve treated it at home for a week, let a physician take a look at it. If something doesn’t look or feel right, your significant other is probably correct, and you should be seen by a doctor.

4. Don't Stay Down

Male depression and anxiety may present outwardly as anger, alcohol/substance abuse, or other uncharacteristic behavior. Treatment will help and, in turn, have positive impacts on your family and job.

5. See It Through

If you’re on medication, take it as prescribed and not just when you feel like it. Medications work best when used as prescribed and may not work as intended if not taken according to your physician’s instructions.

Request An Appointment

Located adjacent to the University of Texas at Dallas, UT Southwestern’s Clinical Center Richardson/Plano is easily accessible. To schedule an annual “tune-up” at the Clinical Center with Dr. Lea, call 214-645-8300.