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Liver Transplant

Biliary atresia: Symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of the congenital liver condition

Biliary atresia is a rare liver condition that affects babies whose bile ducts are blocked. It is difficult to diagnose and treat, but a doctor at UT Southwestern is pursuing groundbreaking research to expedite care.

Dry January: The health benefits of going 31 days without alcohol

New year, new you...less booze? See how trying Dry January can have direct benefits to your health. UT Southwestern's Bethany Agusala, a lifestyle medicine expert, explains.

Dad with ALS saves four other people's lives

ALS, or Lou Gehrig's disease, slowly robbed Rupesh Kotiya of his ability to speak, move, and breathe on his own. But the neurodegenerative disease could not take away his chance to help others. He made the ultimate sacrifice and set a lasting example for his two young sons.

Making transplants easier for veterans and their families

UT Southwestern, working closely with the Dallas VA, is making access to lifesaving organ transplants easier and available closer to home for thousands of veterans and military families.

Taking aim at fatty liver, cancer with new blood test

UT Southwestern has developed a simple blood test that can predict which patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease are most likely to develop liver cancer.

Son gives ‘most meaningful gift’ to father and stepfather

Thomas Locke donated a kidney to his father 12 years ago, and recently he gave a portion of his liver to save stepfather, who was in need of a transplant at UT Southwestern in Dallas. He hopes his story will inspire others to consider living-donor organ donation.

For Mother's Day, 6 stories of survival

A mother's strength – and will to live – is reflected in six amazing stories of survival from UT Southwestern.

5 tips to find a living kidney or liver donor

Finding a living kidney or liver donor can be lifesaving. But asking for a gift that big is hard. Get tips, social media strategies, and conversation starters from an expert, Dr. Swee-Ling Levea.

Watch: Living donor liver transplant is a complex, life-saving surgery

Go inside the OR at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas to see a living donor liver transplant surgery. The complex procedure requires a high level of surgical expertise and hospital infrastructure, and the large team that makes it possible at UT Southwestern includes surgeons, transplant hepatologists, nurses, ICU, social workers, psychological support, specialized pharmacology, and many more healthcare professionals.

Living-liver transplant: How a daughter gave her mom the gift of a lifetime

A daughter in Texas gave the gift of life to her mother, literally, when she donated a portion of her liver in the first-ever living-donor liver transplant at UT Southwestern. A year later, both mother and daughter are eager to share their story and help others still waiting for a second chance at life.

First dual HIV-positive organ transplant in Texas gives Dallas man HOPE

This summer, UT Southwestern’s transplant program helped a 53-year-old Dallas man become the first recipient of an HIV-positive to HIV-positive organ transplant in Texas.

Fighting fatty liver disease – the No. 1 risk factor for women's liver transplants

In the U.S, 1 in 3 adults have nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) – and it is the No. 1 reason women are added to the liver transplant list. In this MedBlog, Thomas Kerr, M.D., Ph.D., discusses why NAFLD is rampant and how it can be prevented and treated.

Tina’s Transplant Story: A race against time and acute liver failure

When acute liver failure strikes, it’s like a bolt of lightning. Tina Bartolucci knows the reality of this all too well. She had what felt like a cold and a day later she was rushed to UT Southwestern in need of a liver transplant. By the grace of an unnamed donor and the rapid response by the UT Southwestern transplant doctors, Tina survived the fight of her life.

Hepatitis C treatment can cut risk of liver-related death by 50% for patients with a history of liver cancer

This study looked at medical records for patients who were cured of liver cancer at 31 North American medical centers. The findings demonstrate that patients who were treated and cured of their hepatitis C had significantly better survival rates than those patients whose hepatitis C was not treated.

Complex liver transplant gives Frisco man new lease on life

Of the 7,000 liver transplants that take place nationwide every year, only 1 percent address bile duct cancer in the same surgery. Dr. Parsia Vagefi brought the new surgical protocol for bile duct cancer and liver disease to UT Southwestern in 2018 and he was able to save Frisco resident Juan Cueto with a new liver by transplant and surgically removing the bile duct.