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Pediatrics; Your Pregnancy Matters

When your baby is born with less than 10 fingers and 10 toes

When an ultrasound showed the Menous’ son would have limb differences, they started researching ways to give him a healthy start. Get their tips in this week’s blog.

Cancer; Discovery; Women's Health

The ART and science of targeting gynecologic tumors

A new radiation therapy approach offers curative potential for gynecologic tumors. Learn about adaptive radiation therapy (ART) and two clinical trials at UT Southwestern to help women with cancer.

Your Pregnancy Matters

How to manage and reduce the risk of gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes, a form of diabetes that develops only during pregnancy, can, without proper management, lead to risks for moms and their babies. Discover how eating a healthy diet typically leads to normal, healthy deliveries.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Texas hospitals must prove pregnancy care expertise or lose Medicaid dollars

In 2020, UT Southwestern earned the Level 4 maternal health center designation – the highest level of care. Explore what this does and doesn’t mean for patients.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Ob/Gyn checklists can make pregnancy care safer

Labor and Delivery checklists might seem impersonal, but they help us optimize your childbirth experience. Explore our delivery checklist philosophy.

Cancer; Women's Health

PARP-1 inhibitors can reduce ovarian cancer recurrence risk by 70% in half of patients

PARP-1 inhibitor drugs can reduce the risk of BRCA- and HRDS-associated ovarian cancer by 70%. New research at UT Southwestern Medical Center may help expand treatment to more patients.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Prenatal hepatitis C screening can spare women and babies from long-term liver damage

Pregnant patients are now being screened for hepatitis C, a liver-damaging virus that can infect a fetus during pregnancy. Learn about the screening and treatments now.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Hot, hot, hot! Tips to beat the summer heat during pregnancy

Summer pregnancy? Use these tips to stay cool and comfortable as the temperatures rise.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Fetal hiccups won’t harm your baby – they’re totally normal!

Many articles about fetal hiccups end with a cautionary tale, but the science says fetal hiccups are likely nothing to worry about. Robyn Horsager-Boehrer, M.D., discusses why in the Your Pregnancy Matters blog.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Feeling tired during pregnancy? You might have sleep apnea

Approximately 20% of pregnant patients have sleep apnea, which can increase the risk of health complications in pregnancy and long term. Learn the symptoms and treatment options in this week's Your Pregnancy Matters blog.