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Studying the connection between anxiety and preterm birth

Patients with a history of preterm birth have higher rates and severity scores of anxiety, according to a new study conducted at UT Southwestern Medical Center.

Why pregnant women should resist ‘vaccine fatigue’

Vaccine fatigue is real and pregnant women are not immune. Robyn Horsager-Boehrer, M.D., explains which vaccines are recommended during pregnancy and when.

How to handle pumping at work: 5 tips for breastfeeding moms

Working moms who breastfeed often rely on pumping to maintain their supply. But pumping at work can be a lot New legislation should make things a bit easier.

Advanced vNOTES procedure gives more patients a chance for scarless hysterectomy

ACOG recommends vaginal hysterectomy if patients need one, but only 25% are done that way. See how vNOTES, an advanced approach, could offer more patients less invasive surgery.

Self-serve birth control? The future of OTC contraceptives

All women deserve safe, effective birth control should they want it. Shivani Patel, M.D., talks about how we can improve access to contraception while keeping women safe and healthy.

Acetaminophen is still safe in pregnancy, despite controversy

Despite a class-action lawsuit raising concerns, research suggests short-term use of pain-relief medications such as Tylenol is safe for most pregnant patients.

Yes, pregnant patients still need their flu shot

The flu shot is our best defense against influenza. Learn why this year it’s more important than ever for pregnant people to get vaccinated.

What to expect from a pediatric gynecologist visit

UT Southwestern's pediatric adolescent gynecologist merge conversations and medicine to provide care and education for girls dealing with reproductive health concerns.

Cesarean scar ectopic pregnancy: Facts and treatment options

Cesarean scar ectopic pregnancy is a rare, life-threatening complication after a prior C-section. Explore treatments and patient choices involved in this rare condition.

How early can home pregnancy tests show positive results?

Many home pregnancy tests are advanced enough to detect pregnancy several days before a missed period. Robyn Horsager-Boehrer, M.D., discusses what women need to know before choosing a home pregnancy test.

When your baby is born with less than 10 fingers and 10 toes

When an ultrasound showed the Menous’ son would have limb differences, they started researching ways to give him a healthy start. Get their tips in this week’s blog.

The ART and science of targeting gynecologic tumors

A new radiation therapy approach offers curative potential for gynecologic tumors. Learn about adaptive radiation therapy (ART) and two clinical trials at UT Southwestern to help women with cancer.

How to manage and reduce the risk of gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes, a form of diabetes that develops only during pregnancy, can, without proper management, lead to risks for moms and their babies. Discover how eating a healthy diet typically leads to normal, healthy deliveries.

Texas hospitals must prove pregnancy care expertise or lose Medicaid dollars

In 2020, UT Southwestern earned the Level 4 maternal health center designation – the highest level of care. Explore what this does and doesn’t mean for patients.

Ob/Gyn checklists can make pregnancy care safer

Labor and Delivery checklists might seem impersonal, but they help us optimize your childbirth experience. Explore our delivery checklist philosophy.