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Dealing with earwax: Why parents should step away from the swab

Pediatric ENT specialist, Kenneth Lee, M.D., Ph.D., discusses earwax and kids, the dangers of cotton swabs, and how parents can safely clean tiny ears.

ENT; Pediatrics; Your Pregnancy Matters

Why follow-up care is crucial when a newborn fails ABR hearing screening

UT Southwestern and Parkland Health use ABR hearing screenings for all newborns. OAE screening is acceptable for newborns in the well-baby nursery.

ENT; Pediatrics

Unlocking language for babies who are deaf or hard of hearing

Infancy is the prime time for language development. Kids who are deaf or hard of hearing who do not immediately share an accessible language with their parents need early, specialized care to maximize development as they grow. In this week's MedBlog, explore how early language access and intervention help kids thrive.