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As RSV rates soar, get tips to protect new babies

RSV can cause severe illness in premature babies and infants younger than 6 months. Jessica Morse, M.D., recommends simple tips to help protect little ones from the virus.

What to expect from a pediatric gynecologist visit

UT Southwestern's pediatric adolescent gynecologist merge conversations and medicine to provide care and education for girls dealing with reproductive health concerns.

How parents can help kids avoid asthma attacks and control symptoms

Asthma is the most common chronic illness in U.S. children. Tanya Martinez-Fernandez, M.D., discusses tips for parents to help reduce kids’ asthma attacks.

When your baby is born with less than 10 fingers and 10 toes

When an ultrasound showed the Menous’ son would have limb differences, they started researching ways to give him a healthy start. Get their tips in this week’s blog.

What a new study tells us about SIDS and safe infant sleep practices

A new study may shed light on a potential cause of SIDS. UT Southwestern’s Michelle Caraballo, M.D., discusses what the research means and the importance of safe infant sleep practices.

How caffeine affects heart health in kids

Caffeine is a daily habit for many U.S. kids and teens. Pediatric cardiologist Colin Kane, M.D., discusses how caffeine affects kids’ health, plus tasty beverage swaps.

4 tips to cut down on kids’ summertime sugar binge

In the U.S., kids eat three times more added sugar than they should each day, affecting mood, heart health, and sleep. Get four tips to eat less sugar this summer and improve lifelong health.

Coming of age with cancer: ACE helps young survivors thrive

Daniel Bowers, M.D., Medical Director of the After the Cancer Experience program, discusses the importance of lifelong care for childhood cancer survivors.

Car seats, cribs, and more: Safety tips for top infant products

From car seats to strollers, pediatrician Jessica Morse, M.D., discusses safety guidelines for popular baby products, some of which are often misused.

7 strange-but-normal things to expect with a newborn

Cone-shaped head? Crying without tears? Jessica Morse, M.D., discusses seven newborn traits that surprise new parents but are almost always nothing to worry about.

5 baby room-sharing tips to reduce the risk of injury and SIDS

Sharing a bed with your baby can result in injury or death. Keep your infant safe with these room-sharing best practices.

How often should you bathe your baby, from birth through early childhood?

How often to bathe your baby, from birth through early childhood: UT Southwestern - MedBlog

Kids and migraines: How a pediatric neurologist can help

Migraine pain disrupts a child's education, family time, and social life. But sticking to a PedMAP – pediatric migraine action plan – offers families help and hope for severe headache relief. Explore treatment strategies and new drug research with pediatric migraine expert, Tonia Sabo, M.D.

Unlocking language for babies who are deaf or hard of hearing

Infancy is the prime time for language development. Kids who are deaf or hard of hearing who do not immediately share an accessible language with their parents need early, specialized care to maximize development as they grow. In this week's MedBlog, explore how early language access and intervention help kids thrive.

Feeding support and options to fix tongue-tie in babies

Tongue-tie in newborns can cause feeding and growth problems if left untreated. In this week's Your Pregnancy Matters blog, explore how team-based care from lactation experts, speech therapists, pediatricians, and ENTs can help new parents and babies overcome feeding challenges.