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Why are we still in the middle of a ‘statins war’?

As medical journals and websites debate who should take statins and the severity of their side effects, Dr. Hill says not to forget that they save lives.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Erica's pregnancy story: Heart attack at 31, baby at 36

Heart attack survivor Erica Hoyle was thrilled to find out she was pregnant, but her joy quickly turned to fear: Because of her complex condition, no doctor would take her as a patient. That is, until she met the high-risk pregnancy team at UT Southwestern. Read Erica’s inspiring story now.


Walking a fine line: How managing blood clots might change heart attack prevention

Data from a new drug trial focused on reducing blood clots might allow more personalized options to prevent heart attacks in high-risk patients.


What women need to know about heart attack symptoms

Heart attack symptoms in women can be subtle. But less severe symptoms don’t mean a less severe heart attack.


Having sex after a heart attack - what you need to know

After a heart attack, we just want to get back to our normal lives – including our sex lives. But is sex after a heart attack safe?