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Heart Healthy Sweet Potato Nachos

Check out this comfort food recipe, no guilt added.

Introducing 28 Days of Heart Health

February is Heart Month. Join Dr. Drazner and our team of heart experts for 28 Days of Heart Health.

Rare Double Transplant Keeps Life Playing for Texas Musician

Andie Kay Joyner shares the story of the heart and liver transplant that gave her a renewed purpose in life.

Study: Can Better Heart Health Stave off Alzheimer’s?

UT Southwestern researchers are trying to determine whether regular aerobic exercise and taking specific blood pressure and cholesterol medications can help preserve brain function. Obesity is not only detrimental to your heart health; it also has a link to nearly a dozen types of cancer. Learn which ones and how to reduce your cancer risk.

Beat the heat with heart-healthy cantaloupe, honeydew, and watermelon

Melon is a tasty, refreshing treat for summer. But it’s also great for weight management and heart health. Dietitian Susan Rodder explains.

Are nuts good for your heart?

It’s heart-smart to go nuts! Our dietitian explains how eating tree nuts is good for the heart and the taste buds.

A New Heart helped Dana Return to the Stage

Life after a heart transplant

Can eating earlier in the day jumpstart weight loss?

Can eating earlier in the day be the key for fast, safe weight loss? Our dietitian says it may be, and shares other two more simple tips for losing weight.

Heart failure after pregnancy: Brittany’s story

Brittany Clayborne developed heart failure soon after the birth of her son. As she awaits a heart transplant, she inspires others to become organ donors.

Added sugars: Sour news for our kids’ hearts

It’s a well-known fact that sugar isn’t great for us. But what it’s doing to kids’ hearts is not only surprising – it’s downright scary.

5 tips for healthy eating after a weekend football binge

It’s hard to get back to healthy-eating habits after a weekend of football snacks. These five tips can help families stay on track without sacrificing flavor.

Can I have a baby if I have a congenital heart defect?

More than 1 million adults in America have a congenital heart defect. A UT Southwestern doctor explains what they need to know before they become parents.

Walking the walk on heart disease

Join the Dallas Heart Walk.

Popular energy drinks come with concerns

Energy drinks are popular, but are they safe? A UT Southwestern physician explains some of his concerns.

The Mediterranean diet shouldn't be Greek to your heart

Following the Mediterranean diet is heart-healthy. But what does that mean? A dietitian from UT Southwestern Medical Center explains.