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Obesity and high blood pressure: How a supplement might break the link

Obesity is one of the main causes of high blood pressure, although the connection has not been well understood. But Philip Shaul, M.D., and colleagues recently discovered that changes in our sugar molecules might be the missing link – and a supplement might help break the link. Learn more.

The bitter truth: 25 cups of coffee a day might not be healthy

Is it safe to drink 25 cups of coffee a day like a 2019 study suggests? Wanpen Vongpatanasin, M.D., says probably not. Find out where the confusion comes from and what the experts say in this week’s MedBlog. Learn more.

Should you eat less sodium? The answer is – it depends

The debate continues – is sodium harmless or bad for us? Hypertension specialist Dr. Vongpatanasin says the answer is clear, but it isn’t one size fits all.

Under pressure: How blood pressure affects heart disease risk

When blood vessels are under pressure from hypertension, the risk for heart disease increases. Dr. Hill shares tips to control the pressure — and the risk.

Should people check their blood pressure at home?

Why do some patients have higher blood pressure numbers at the doctor’s office than at home? It could be “white coat hypertension.”