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Orthopaedics and Rehab

Young and hip: Joint preservation surgery may be the long-term answer to hip pain

Dr. Joel Wells talks about joint preservation surgery in the young adult with symptomatic hip pain can prevent osteoarthritis progression. At UT Southwestern, we’re emphasizing preservation of the native hip in patients from 14 years of age to adult, rather than replacing the native hip with a prosthesis.


Risks to consider before getting plastic surgery abroad

Considering plastic surgery abroad? The health and financial risks might not be worth it. Dr. Kenkel shares the risks and options for safer procedures.


What are the options for breast reconstruction after cancer?

Drs. Teotia and Haddock review breast reconstruction options after cancer.


Why we use robotic surgery to treat large kidney cancer tumors

Large kidney tumors or those starting to spread can put patients’ lives at risk. Learn about robotic surgery for kidney cancer and when we recommend it.

Orthopaedics and Rehab

Young and hip: joint preservation surgery is sometimes the answer

We generally associate hip pain with aging, but adolescents and young adults can develop serious hip problems as well. Dr. Wells reviews some of these issues and the surgeries to correct them.


New technique TEES up advance in otologic surgery

UT Southwestern is pioneering minimally invasive middle- and inner-ear surgery using an endoscopic technique that offers “unparalleled visualization” of the surgical area.


5 techniques to make endocrine surgery safer

From robotics to mid-surgery blood tests, new methods make endocrine surgery safer. Dr. Nwariaku explains how 5 key techniques benefit patients.


Mini heart pump makes high-risk stenting safer

Dr. Marso explains how the Impella 2.5, a miniature heart pump, makes stent and angioplasty procedures safer.


Abdominal Wall Hernia Surgery: Kathleen Pritchard

Kathleen Pritchard is a stay-at-home mom who loves to keep active with her four beautiful children. But there was a time she could not engage in any physical activities because of a complex abdominal wall hernia.


'Fixing Mommy'

When an abdominal wall hernia interfered with her life, Kathleen Pritchard turned to a UT Southwestern surgeon. Today, she's "unbroken again."