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Jared’s story: 4 kidney transplants in 30 years

When Jared Rumbo’s kidneys failed at age 19, he embarked on a 30-year transplant journey that would lead to four new kidneys and a complex procedure at UT Southwestern. In this week’s blog, transplant surgeon Parsia A. Vagefi, M.D., discusses Jared’s inspiring kidney transplant story.

Lung transplant: The harrowing journey from donor to recipient

An organ’s trek from donor to recipient is a well-choreographed, sometimes dramatic, process. Dr. Michael Wait takes readers along the lungs’ journey.

When a doctor may recommend lung transplant to treat COPD, emphysema, or pulmonary fibrosis

Lung diseases can have major negative effects on patients’ quality of life. Learn about when we recommend a lung transplant to treat these conditions.

Gift of a lifetime

A routine cholesterol check first threatened Chuck Dandridge’s retirement and then his life. But an experimental procedure at UT Southwestern and a gift from his son, Jon, produced a remarkable turnaround – and some medical history.

Davy’s story: Getting creative to save a heart failure patient

Davy came to us with two medical devices implanted in his heart. With his life on the line, we gave him two more to save him.

A New Heart helped Dana Return to the Stage

Life after a heart transplant

Heart failure after pregnancy: Brittany’s story

Brittany Clayborne developed heart failure soon after the birth of her son. As she awaits a heart transplant, she inspires others to become organ donors.

Transplant programs reach elite benchmarks

2015 has been an important year for the UT Southwestern transplantation programs, two of which reached significant milestones in the number of procedures their specialists have performed.

Portable ECMO Machine Adds Another Option to Lung Transplant Program Portfolio

Portable ECMO Machine Adds Another Option to Lung Transplant Program Portfolio at UT Southwestern

Breath of Life

Courtney White had battled cystic fibrosis since she was a young child. By her 20s, the disease had gotten progressively worse, to the point that she was near death. Here's the story of how UT Southwestern physicians swung into action and used their expertise, and new technology, to give Courtney her second wind.

A Late Christmas Gift

It was the day after Christmas and Randy Gideon was waking up from his bi-lateral lung transplant. Laid up and heavily sedated in the ICU, the well-known Fort Worth architect was surrounded by machines with tubes spilling from his torso. When he came to, he realized he could breathe.