Here’s one call you’ll want to take


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Nearly everyone has been touched by cancer—either directly or through a loved one or friend. Now, a UT Southwestern health initiative seeks to “Call Out Cancer” and
 put the disease in its place. And you’re invited to join the effort.

The wide-ranging initiative, which launched in early October, aims to inform the North Texas community about cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation, with the overall goal of reducing cancer’s impact.

Among the #CallOutCancer initiative’s key messages:

  • There are steps you can take to protect yourself from cancer.
  • Early detection is the No. 1 way to decrease your risk of dying from certain types of cancer.

  • There’s no way to prevent all cancers, but certain risk factors can be controlled.

A special Call Out Cancer website serves as the centerpiece of the initiative. Along with videos, infographics, and articles, the website has
 a section encouraging people to join the movement and become more educated about cancer and take steps to prevent the disease.

The website also serves as a forum where the public can share personal stories and ideas, sign up for UT Southwestern blogs and other sources of information, and see live feeds from Facebook and Twitter.

Additionally, UT Southwestern is joining with WFAA Channel 8 in Dallas to extend the reach of cancer information. WFAA will
 air interviews with UTSW cancer experts,
 as well as other cancer-focused stories, in its 4 p.m. newscast every Monday.

To learn more about cancer and add your voice to the discussion, visit