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‘Before my heart transplant, I was dying’: Gabriela’s story

When Gabriela received her heart transplant, she knew right away she wanted to meet her donor’s family. So she took a six-hour road trip from Fort Worth to Corpus Christi, and she wound up with a new best friend for life. Read her remarkable story now.


How PCI stenting can reduce chest pain and heart attack damage – without surgery

Heart disease, and more specifically coronary artery disease, is common in the U.S. Learn how PCI can relieve chronic chest pain.


Can a single high-fat meal damage heart health?

Foods high in both saturated fat and calories can have an immediate impact on heart health, according to a 2018 study. Amit Khera, M.D., offers tips to eat better and avoid the consequences. Learn more.


Minimally invasive valve surgery restores marathoner’s heart

Shauna Okongo was born with a bicuspid aortic valve. In February 2017, Shauna ran a marathon and struggled with shortness of breath throughout the race as she never had before.


Too sick for open-heart surgery: How a novel device saved a grandfather’s life

Faced with a life-threatening aneurysm in his aortic arch near the heart, James Ibson, 77, thought he was out of options. But a novel device, custom made for him, saved his life. Watch James’ story and read about his procedure at UT Southwestern – just the seventh to be performed in the world.


Heart Transplant Outcomes in Dallas: UT Southwestern Shines Brightly

Newly published comparative data on survival outcomes among the three heart transplant programs in Dallas give UT Southwestern cause to be proud. Learn more.


Know Your Numbers Heart Health

The numbers everyone should know about their heart health – and why prevention really is the best medicine.

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Too few hearts to go around: How science can solve the organ donor dilemma

Nearly 4,000 people across the U.S. are waiting for a heart transplant, and there aren’t enough donor hearts to go around. Discover what the future of heart transplantation might hold and how Texans can help narrow the gap today


Heart Surgery Patient Journey

Dr. Doolabh and patient Ginger walk you through the journey of a minimally invasive heart valve patient at UT Southwestern.


Heart Month 2018: Wanda Taylor & Liz Brantley

Sisters often share a special bond, but the one thing Wanda and Liz did not want to share was high cholesterol.