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Tips to manage 'pandemic pregnancy' stress

Pregnancy can be stressful, especially during COVID-19 quarantine. Get tips to manage "pandemic pregnancy" stress in this Your Pregnancy Matters blog.

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Keep baby toys germ-free with these COVID-19 cleaning tips

Babies explore the world through touch and taste – exposing them to viruses such as COVID-19. Get easy tips to disinfect kids’ toys in this Your Pregnancy Matters blog.

COVID; Your Pregnancy Matters

Visitors, doulas, and video calls: Birth plan updates during the COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 visitor restrictions, safety concerns, and social distancing guidelines have led expecting parents to get creative with birth plans and virtual ways to "meet the baby." Get tips and ideas in this Your Pregnancy Matters blog.

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Can uterine fibroids harm my pregnancy?

Large or multiple uterine fibroids can pose risks to mom and baby during pregnancy. Find out why in this week's Your Pregnancy Matters blog.

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COVID-19 and pregnancy: Answers to 10 key patient questions

The COVID-19 pandemic has many pregnant patients concerned. Get answers to your pregnancy-related questions in this Your Pregnancy Matters blog with Robyn Horsager-Boehrer, M.D.

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5 tips to help manage the baby blues – and when to seek help

Four in five new moms experience the baby blues. In this Your Pregnancy Matters blog, learn about its symptoms, as well as when to seek help.

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Preston's dads share 6 tips for parents who choose gestational surrogacy

John and Joseph chose to work with a gestational carrier to become dads in 2018 – an 18-month labor of love. Check out their 6 tips to navigate the process.

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Online Ob/Gyn: How apps and remote devices can improve pregnancy care

During and after pregnancy, smartphone apps and remote monitoring devices can make it easier to access health care and stick to the doctor's recommendations.

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Virtual relief: The next big thing in labor pain management?

Virtual reality in the delivery room? In this Your Pregnancy Matters blog, we visualize the future of VR headsets for childbirth pain management.

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What to expect when you’re expecting – via gestational surrogacy

Gestational surrogacy requires a considerable emotional, financial, and legal investment. Martin Hechanova, M.D., discusses the process from a doctor's point of view.