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Vasectomy: Safe, effective, affordable birth control for men

Vasectomy is a safe, effective, and affordable choice for permanent male birth control. Learn about the procedure, recovery, and reversal in this MedBlog.

Women and sleep disorders: How to get better rest at all stages of life

Women’s sleep disorders harm long-term health. Safia Khan, M.D., discusses how we treat sleep problems from adolescence through menopause.

7 diet tips to prevent kidney stones

Diet can make a big difference in preventing kidney stones. Megan Bollner, M.P.A.S., PA-C, discusses six diet changes to help reduce the risk of kidney stones.

Advanced vNOTES procedure gives more patients a chance for scarless hysterectomy

ACOG recommends vaginal hysterectomy if patients need one, but only 25% are done that way. See how vNOTES, an advanced approach, could offer more patients less invasive surgery.

Male infertility: Treating the physical and emotional side effects

Male infertility is an all-too-common problem. Tolulope Bakare, M.D., discusses current and developing treatments – including for mental health side effects.

UTIs during pregnancy are common and treatable

Urinary tract changes during pregnancy create an ideal environment for UTIs. The sooner we test you, the faster we can treat you and reduce possible risks.

Urinary incontinence is not ‘normal’ – but it is treatable

Many women experience urinary incontinence after childbirth or because of aging. The topic can be difficult for women to talk about, but the condition, while not normal, is very treatable.

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