Well-rounded medicine


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Bruce Meyer, M.D., M.B.A.

That's one way to describe what we offer here at UT Southwestern. Not only are we up to date on the latest treatments, we're also conducting research to develop future cures. And we're educating the next generation of health care professionals—and the community—on matters of health.

Some would call this well-rounded approach "comprehensive." The National Cancer Institute does. In fact, the NCI—the nation's preeminent cancer organization—recently designated our Harold C. Simmons Cancer Center as "Comprehensive." It places us among the nation's elite in cancer care.

Dr. James Wilson, Director of Simmons Cancer Center, more fully explains the comprehensive designation. The subject of our cover story, Brianna Hinojosa-Flores, certainly can tell you about our cancer care as well—and of cancer's aftermath. Read her compelling story.

You could say that when it comes to well-rounded care, at UT Southwestern we have all the angles covered.