Hospital Medicine

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At UT Southwestern Medical Center, our medical service is organized to provide specialty care for complicated medical conditions. Some patients have medical problems that overlap several specialties and require the broad medical knowledge of inpatient internists, also called hospitalists. These physicians provide the most effective bedside care for patients throughout their hospital stay and then help them transition to other care facilities or home, when discharged. 

Thanks to our hospitalists and their dedicated colleagues, our hospitalized patients receive exceptional care 24 hours a day, seven days a week for all types of conditions, from the common to the complex. 

Round-the-Clock Expert Care for Patients in Our Hospitals

Hospital medicine is a subspecialty of internal medicine in which physicians focus exclusively on caring for hospitalized patients. Also known as hospitalists, hospital medicine physicians are available in-house around the clock to address any patient needs. 

Hospitalists coordinate care with patients’ primary care providers and other UT Southwestern specialists. Throughout each patient’s hospital stay, our hospitalists ensure that patients are comfortable and receive the care they need. Our hospitalists also communicate with patients and their family members to help them understand their condition, treatment options, progress, and recovery.

Hospital Medicine Services We Provide

Our hospitalists provide a wide variety of services for hospitalized patients and their families. Hospitalist care includes:

  • Performing patient rounds
  • Conducting exams
  • Ordering tests and reviewing results
  • Monitoring progress
  • Adjusting or prescribing medications and other treatment as necessary
  • Providing and communicating discharge plans, such as details about care provided, medications, and follow-up visits

Our hospitalists manage inpatient general medical services at: