Intrauterine Insemination

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Intrauterine insemination is a procedure in which sperm is injected into the uterine cavity through a catheter.

This procedure is used when men have low sperm count or motility, if there is incompatibility between the sperm and the cervical mucus, and in cases of impotence or other medical conditions.

How Intrauterine Insemination Works

The procedure is done when you are about to ovulate. Your partner will provide a semen sample one to two hours before the procedure. The sperm is separated from the seminal fluid, and the quality of the sperm is analyzed. A small catheter is inserted into your uterine cavity, and sperm is injected into the uterus.

The procedure takes only a few minutes and does not cause much, if any, discomfort. There is no downtime. You can resume normal activity immediately following the procedure. 

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