Narrowed Blood Vessels

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Endovascular specialists at UT Southwestern Medical Center can use a minimally invasive angioplasty procedure to open a narrowed vein or artery.

The procedure involves inserting a small balloon through a catheter, which is inflated at the site of the narrowing. A stent is then moved into place to unblock the blood vessel. When the balloon is deflated and removed, the stent expands and allows the blood vessel to remain open.

Our skilled angioplasty specialists have the knowledge and expertise needed to effectively treat narrowed blood vessels, including coronary (heart) arteries and arteries to the legs. You may also be eligible for endovascular procedures involving the use of clot-dissolving drugs (thrombolysis treatments) to help clear a blood vessel.

With minimally invasive endovascular procedures from UT Southwestern, you can avoid traditional open surgical methods to treat your aneurysm or narrowed blood vessels. Our patients can also benefit from these advanced treatments that will allow them to return home faster.

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