Responding to COVID-19

Navigating your COVID-19 Vaccination

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UT Southwestern is committed to making your COVID-19 vaccination experience as convenient as possible. By clicking on the links below, you can download printable PDFs that include directions to all of our vaccination sites; instructions on what to expect when you arrive; and post-vaccination information on common side effects and second dose scheduling. Thank you for trusting UT Southwestern with your care and for helping our community put an end to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tip Sheets and Helpful Resources

Vaccination Process and What to Expect

Navigating the vaccination process

After your COVID-19 vaccine (common side effects, reminders, and other tips)

Scheduling First or Second-Dose

Immediate scheduling for first-dose COVID-19 Vaccinations at UTSW

How to schedule your COVID-19 vaccination

How to cancel and reschedule your COVID-19 vaccination

Scheduling Booster Dose

How to schedule your COVID-19 Booster vaccination

Download Your COVID-19 Vaccination Card

View and print a record of your COVID-19 vaccination card

Updating Current Health Conditions in MyChart

How to Update current health conditions in MyChart

Vaccination Locations

We are providing COVID-19 vaccinations at one location, by appointment only:

We’d like to extend our appreciation to our friends at Market Hall, RedBird Mall, and The University of Texas at Dallas for opening their doors to UT Southwestern and making it possible for us to provide thousands of vaccinations across each of those sites for several months.

*Please note, vaccination sites listed in the tip sheets may change.