Responding to COVID-19

Patient Testing

In response to the needs of our community, we’ve expanded our capabilities for COVID-19 testing for patients. Our COVID-19 drive-up specimen collection sites are available for those with a scheduled appointment. Only UT Southwestern providers can refer UT Southwestern patients age 12 and older for testing. Please note, a referral is required.

We have three COVID-19 specimen collection sites:


Map for the Dallas drive-thru testing site.

Patients with a scheduled appointment for testing should enter the parking lot via Harry Hines Boulevard and drive along the most northern driveway until they are in the north parking lot. Signs guide vehicles into and out of the drive-up site. Campus police and public safety officers will also be present to direct traffic.

UT Southwestern Frisco


Map for the Frisco drive-up testing site.

UT Southwestern Monty and Tex Moncrief Medical Center at Fort Worth

Fort Worth

Map for the Fort Worth drive-up testing site.

The last appointment scheduled at all of our collection sites is 4:30 p.m.

Nasal Swab Collection

In this video, please find step-by step instructions for the collection of a COVID-19 nasal self-swab specimen.
A UT Southwestern staff member will come out to your vehicle at one of our drive-up testing sites with a PCR nasal swab collection kit. You will perform the nasal swab yourself while inside your vehicle. After completion, please return the collection tube to the test administrator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an appointment to obtain a COVID-19 test?

Yes. Schedule a COVID-19 test by contacting your UT Southwestern provider to start the process.

How do I schedule my COVID-19 test?

Once you have contacted your UT Southwestern provider, a COVID-19 test order will be placed in our system. Upon receipt of the order, UT Southwestern will call and schedule your testing appointment at one of our three drive-up locations.

Where are the COVID-19 testing sites?

UT Southwestern performs COVID-19 tests in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Frisco at these locations:

What are the hours of operation at the three drive-up testing sites:

The last appointments each day are at 4:30 p.m.

How do I get the results of my COVID-19 test?

Your results will be posted in your MyChart account.

When should I expect my COVID-19 test results?

Test results will be posted in your MyChart account 24 hours after testing.

How do I notify someone I have arrived for my testing appointment?

When you get to your designated location, you’ll see a phone number on the parking sign. Please call the number to let us know you have arrived.

Is the COVID-19 test covered by insurance?

Please contact your insurance company to confirm your coverage.

Does UT Southwestern perform COVID-19 tests on children?

UT Southwestern offers COVID-19 tests for children 12 years and older. If your child is younger than 12, please contact our partner hospital Children’s Medical Center for testing.

Do you need a UT Southwestern MyChart account to schedule a COVID-19 test appointment?

Yes, you will need a MyChart account to schedule and view your COVID-19 test results. Please visit our UT Southwestern MyChart page for more information.

How will the COVID-19 test be performed?

Upon your arrival, a UT Southwestern staff member will come out to your vehicle with a PCR nasal swab collection kit. You will perform the nasal swab collection yourself while in the vehicle. After completion, you will give the swab kit back to the test administrator.

Presurgical COVID-19 Testing

We require COVID-19 testing for all patients awaiting surgical procedures. Testing allows us to move forward after we have confidently ruled out COVID-19.

Care teams will need test results for review 24 hours ahead of a scheduled procedure. To ensure that process is completed, patients will need to be tested within 72 hours prior to a scheduled surgery or procedure.

Our presurgical testing team will order the test. At this time, we ask that providers and clinics refrain from placing the order locally, and instead rely on the presurgical testing team to order the test. The attending provider will need to sign off on this order.  

Although we prefer that patients are tested at UT Southwestern, we will also accept results from a UTSW-approved local health department testing facility.

It’s possible that a patient’s procedure could be canceled based on results, but decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis and will take into account the patient’s individualized plan of care.