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Dealing with cancer – the diagnosis, the treatment, and the recovery – can be an uncertain time for patients. It can be a time of fear and stress. We want to help erase those feelings of uncertainty and anxiety, and we feel that one of the best ways to do that is to arm you with as much information about cancer as we can.

Cancer is a time of questions, and the experts at UT Southwestern’s Harold C. Simmons Cancer Center work every day at finding the answers to this disease. In order to share those answers, we are proud to present a new and exciting section to the Stories and Insights section on – the Cancer Answer Line blog where we will address cancer-related topics that interest our patients. We will also go into depth on some topics that we want to report to you – new and emerging technologies, new therapies, and new areas of thought in cancer treatment.

Our goal is to make this space your go-to guide for the latest cancer news and information, as well as a place where you can engage in dialogue with physicians and scientists who are eager to share their insights.

We are cancer experts here to listen and help

It’s my pleasure to serve as the Editor of the Cancer Answer Line blog. Many of my colleagues will join me with their articles week to week.

As the Director of the Harold C. Simmons Cancer Center, a post I have held since 2004, I am surrounded by specialists who are at the forefront of cancer research. During my tenure, the Center received designation by the National Cancer Institute, recognizing our facility as one of the best cancer research and treatment centers in the nation.

My personal specialty is in the genetics of colorectal cancer, though I have dedicated my career to the detection and eradication of all types of cancer. I recently completed service on the board of the National Cancer Institute. Throughout my years of treating cancer patients, I have noticed a clear need for more information about cancer, which is why I’m especially excited to have this new forum.

A few of the topics we’re going to address in upcoming blogs are:

  • New technology in the fight against lung cancer
  • Advances in breast cancer surgery
  • An explanation of the different types of liver cancer
  • The importance of developing a personal bond with your oncologist

An open dialogue about cancer

Earlier, I mentioned “dialogue.” I want this blog to be an active and engaging forum. As researchers, we will tell you what we believe you are interested in and what we are excited about. But we want you, our patients and your families, to help guide us. Let us know what you’re curious about and what questions we can answer to help alleviate any uncertainty you are experiencing.

I encourage you to be open with your physician. Ask him or her as many questions as you want. For any gaps in knowledge that you would like bridged, I personally welcome you to look here. The cure for cancer requires interaction between you and your treatment team. Our hope is that this space will be an extension of that interaction.