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Cancer Care

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At William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital, we believe that the fight against cancer requires a unique approach – one that not only leverages today’s best cancer-fighting techniques and medicine, but is also focused on your comfort, attitude, and outlook.

That’s why our caregivers practice compassionate care, backed by leading technologies and pioneering research, to ensure you benefit from the latest medical knowledge and innovation.

Our team is ready to fight for you every step of the way.

The Clements Difference

Clements University Hospital offers excellence in treating all types of cancers. 

Comprehensive Care

  • Our physicians are part of UT Southwestern’s Harold C. Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center – one of only three cancer centers in Texas designated as “Comprehensive” by the National Cancer Institute.
  • We treat all types of cancer.
  • We’re a leader in medical oncology, cancer surgery, hematology, and bone marrow transplant, as well as cancer research.
  • We offer several highly specialized cancer therapies, including HIPEC gastric surgery and brachytherapy.

Expert Team

  • We work in collaborative, multidisciplinary teams to enhance patient comfort and care and achieve quality outcomes.
  • Our physicians are all UT Southwestern Medical Center professionals.
  • Our team includes Blood and Marrow Certified nurses and Oncology Certified nurses.
  • Our Transitional Care Coordinators and our Palliative Care Services team enhance and maintain a patient’s quality of life, in every stage of treatment. 

What to Expect

Whether you’re transferred from another hospital or are diagnosed here, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve the best possible outcome. 

Treatment Plan

At your first visit to Clements University Hospital, your care team will create a treatment plan that fits your specific cancer. Since we are an academic hospital, you’ll be treated by multidisciplinary teams with experts from a variety of disciplines.

During some visits, you may see your physician, while other days you may see the advance practice nurse or resident (a doctor who is pursuing advanced training). 

Treatment may include:

  • Surgery from specialists focused on specific types of cancer
  • Infusion therapies such as chemotherapy
  • Radiation therapy by radiation oncologists accredited by the American College of Radiology

Our support services focus on special nutrition needs as well as emotional care during your treatment. 

Learn about all cancer care services offered at UT Southwestern.

Ongoing Care

During your time at Clements University Hospital, our patient care technicians, nurses, and staff will help ensure that you are comfortable and have everything you need.

As your care continues, our Transitional Care Coordinators will focus on the bigger picture, creating a plan for healing and additional treatment after discharge.

Our Palliative Care Services team is dedicated to symptom management, working to maintain your quality of life throughout your treatment and beyond.


Most patients in the cancer care area can accept visitors at any time. However, we ask that children under the age of 12 not enter the bone marrow transplant area. 

Learn more about visiting hours.


Clements University Hospital provides general, specialty, and oncology pharmacy services. Our cancer care department includes three dedicated pharmacists who are highly involved in each patient’s treatment plan and education.