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Cancer; Discovery; Women's Health

The ART and science of targeting gynecologic tumors

A new radiation therapy approach offers curative potential for gynecologic tumors. Learn about adaptive radiation therapy (ART) and two clinical trials at UT Southwestern to help women with cancer.

Patient Stories; Women's Health

For Mother's Day, 6 stories of survival

A mother's strength – and will to live – is reflected in six amazing stories of survival from UT Southwestern.

Cancer; Eyes and Vision

Breaking ground in eye cancer research, diagnosis, and treatment

Eye cancers are rare, requiring expert care. UT Southwestern's Chief of Ophthalmology J. William Harbour, M.D., an ocular oncologist, discusses advanced treatments and why proactive vision check-ups are so important.

Cancer; Kidneys

New immunotherapy can prevent kidney cancer recurrence after surgery: Is it right for you?

The FDA has approved pembrolizumab immunotherapy, the first treatment to lower kidney cancer recurrence risk after surgery. UT Southwestern's Dr. Hans Hammers helps patients explore its benefits and risks.

Cancer; Discovery

DARTBOARD: Novel head & neck cancer trial targets personalized, daily radiation therapy

David Sher, M.D. explains how a new clinical trial for head and neck cancer patients will study daily adaptive radiotherapy using tumor targeting driven by an AI-driven algorithm developed by UT Southwestern.

Cancer; Pediatrics

Coming of age with cancer: ACE helps young survivors thrive

Daniel Bowers, M.D., Medical Director of the After the Cancer Experience program, discusses the importance of lifelong care for childhood cancer survivors.

Cancer; Discovery

Multiple myeloma care: Taking CAR T-cell therapy for rare blood cancer to the next level

As new CAR T-cell therapies are being approved to treat certain cancers, Ankit Kansagra, M.D., explains how the UT Southwestern team is working to further revolutionize treatment for more cancer patients.

Cancer; Diet and Nutrition

Sugar, inflammation, and soy: How does nutrition influence breast cancer risk?

Suzanne Conzen, M.D., explains how eating a healthy diet composed mainly of plant-based foods can be an effective way to help prevent breast cancer.

Cancer; Plastic Surgery

Corrective breast reconstruction: Free-flap procedures offer natural options if implants fail

Having a breast reconstruction fail can be devastating. Dr. Sumeet Teotia and Dr. Nicholas Haddock at UT Southwestern are pioneers in natural flap procedures, performing hundreds a year and continuously working to improve efficiency, recovery, and results.

Cancer; Women's Health

PARP-1 inhibitors can reduce ovarian cancer recurrence risk by 70% in half of patients

PARP-1 inhibitor drugs can reduce the risk of BRCA- and HRDS-associated ovarian cancer by 70%. New research at UT Southwestern Medical Center may help expand treatment to more patients.