Heart Month 2018: Daniel Quintana

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Daniel Quintana

Take your health to heart during Heart Month, just like our “28 Days, 28 Hearts” subject Daniel Quintana does. Since 2012, Daniel has been coming to the UT Southwestern Heart Failure Clinic, which specializes in treating neuromuscular diseases that affect the heart – an important capability for patients like Daniel, who has Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD). "It's necessary for me to make sure that my heart is being taken care of because it'll naturally get weaker if it's not being properly treated," Daniel says. DMD is a disorder in which around the age of 10 patients begin having difficulty walking and eventually lose the ability altogether. The disease affects not only the muscles of patients’ arms and legs but can also lead to heart failure. "I believe my quality of life has improved since I've been here [at UT Southwestern]," Daniel says. "It's been very beneficial to my health." Don’t miss a beat this Heart Failure Week, and stay up to date with the latest from Heart Failure Society of America.

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