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Pediatric Cancer

Cancer; Pediatrics

CAR T-cell therapy experts push boundaries of pediatric cancer treatment

The pediatric teams for AML therapy with KYMRIAH at UT Southwestern and Children’s Health explore how CAR T-cell technology can treat other cancers. Learn more.


Lung cancer in young nonsmokers is on the rise: Uncovering the cause

U.S #lungcancer rates have declined for decades, except in one group: Young adults who never smoked. Jonathan Dowell, M.D., discusses what we know about the risks, as well as ongoing research to reveal more answers.


Colorectal Cancer in Young Adults on the Rise

The rates of colorectal cancer in young adults have been on the rise, making screening more important than ever.


CAR T-cells: A new frontier in children’s leukemia care

Learn how a breakthrough treatment trains children’s immune systems to fight back against leukemia.