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Pediatric Infectious Diseases


Look beyond breakthrough infections to address COVID-19’s core problems

The increased focus on breakthrough infections, which remain rare and mostly mild, is obscuring the fact that vaccine hesitancy and resistance to mask wearing in public continues to fuel the pandemic.

COVID; Pediatrics

More kids are being hospitalized with COVID-19 daily. As parents, we can do better.

As child COVID-19 cases hit record levels, a frontline pediatrician and mom urges parents to do more to protect all kids – including hers – at school.


How to talk to COVID-19 vaccine holdouts: Calm fears, correct myths

Is there anything you can say to a reluctant friend or family member to persuade them COVID-19 vaccination is the right choice for them? The short answer is: 'yes,' says UT Southwestern's Sonja Bartolome. M.D.


COVID-19 vaccines: The tough questions answered by a frontline doctor

The COVID-19 vaccines are ready in record time, but we know you have questions about how they work, safety, and side effects. So here are some evidence-based answers from one of UT Southwestern's medical professional who will be among the first in line to take the shot.

COVID; Your Pregnancy Matters

Good news on COVID-19 vaccines for pregnant moms, early data shows

Good news! Early COVID-19 vaccine trial data suggest vaccination is safe in pregnancy and breastfeeding – and may benefit both mom and baby. Dive into data from three of the latest clinical trials in this week’s Your Pregnancy Matters blog.


After COVID-19 vaccination, how soon will life return to normal?

As more people get fully vaccinated against COVID-19, the natural question becomes: when will life return to normal? Brad Cutrell, M.D., an infectious diseases specialist at UT Southwestern, gives you the real answers.


My COVID-19 action plan: How to cope when the virus hits home

You can get COVID-19 even if you do everything right. Dr. Sonja Bartolome and her husband found that out this winter. Get their action plan to keep the rest of the family safe if the virus hits your home.

COVID; Your Pregnancy Matters

COVID-19 vaccine logistics for pregnant and breastfeeding patients

Pregnant patients are now eligible to get the safe, effective COVID-19 vaccine. Robyn Horsager-Boehrer, M.D., offers logistical tips and information patients need to make their personal vaccination decisions.

COVID; Prevention

COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy: How to overcome the culture of mistrust

Having highly effective COVID-19 vaccines is only half the battle. Kavita Bhavan, M.D., a UT Southwestern infectious diseases specialist, has devised successful strategies to break through the barriers to trust in communities of color, helping them feel more confident about getting vaccinated.

COVID; Prevention

COVID-19 vaccines: Separating myths from reality

COVID-19 vaccines represent our best chance of ending the pandemic, but a strong current of resistance and disinformation is sabotaging the effort to protect people from the virus. UT Southwestern's Sonja Bartolome, M.D., separates the vaccine myths from the realities.