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Prevention; Your Pregnancy Matters

Allergic to penicillin? There’s a 90% chance that’s not true

More than 90 percent of patients who believe they are allergic to penicillin actually aren’t. This is a serious concern, particularly during pregnancy. In this week’s Your Pregnancy Matters blog, allergy expert David Khan, M.D., discusses penicillin allergy testing and antibiotic safety.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Room for 7 more? My thoughts on group-based prenatal care

Ob/Gyn offices around the U.S. are beginning to offer group prenatal visits. Robyn Horsager-Boehrer, M.D., discusses the potential benefits and challenges of launching a group-based program. Learn more in this week’s Your Pregnancy Matters blog.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Why a scheduled C-section after 35 might be too risky

More women over 35 are choosing elective C-section, citing a desire to control the timing of their maternity leave. But 2019 research suggests the risks associated with C-section are double in this age group compared to vaginal delivery. Learn more in this week’s Your Pregnancy Matters MedBlog.

Your Pregnancy Matters

2 stories, 4 babies: Support and care for complex twin pregnancies

Twin pregnancies require special medical management, particularly when one twin has serious health complications. In this week’s blog, two families share their experiences, from maternal-fetal risk conversations to infant loss, and how making a positive impact can help with healing.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Pregnancy and social media: When influencers affect health decisions

Social media influencers are paid to promote certain products, which can be risky to pregnant women. In this week’s blog, Robyn Horsager, M.D., discusses what pregnant women should know about social media influencer posts and what to do when a product is appealing.

Your Pregnancy Matters

How girls’ nights benefit moms – and babies

Good news for moms and babies! A 2019 study from JAMA Network suggests that when moms have large, supportive social circles, babies benefit as well as moms. In this week’s blog, Robyn Horsager-Boehrer, M.D., discusses the study and offers tips for low-key outings for new mothers.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Uterine transplant: This prospect for pregnancy is not worth the risks

Many women think getting pregnant is the only way to become a “real mom.” Uterine transplantation, a major surgery available in clinical trials, is presented as a hopeful option. But Robyn Horsager-Boehrer, M.D., says it is too risky, and motherhood means more than carrying a baby.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Vaccination hesitancy: A different take on the ‘anti-vaxxer’ outrage

The “pro-vax” vs. “anti-vax” debate has become ugly in the U.S. It’s time for doctors to acknowledge that patients’ questions and concerns are valid, and that vaccine hesitancy should be met with compassion and facts rather than ambivalence or anger. Learn more.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Pregnancy complications: What are the chances that they’ll happen again?

Pregnancy complications are an unfortunate fact of life. However, just because something occurs once doesn’t mean it’s certain to happen again. Learn what some of the most common complications are – and what the chances are that they’ll recur.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Bed rest during pregnancy: Is it really necessary?

Over the years, doctors have prescribed bed rest to pregnant women to help prevent complications such as miscarriages or preterm labor. However, no scientific evidence to date tells us it’s helpful – and, worse yet, bed rest might even do more harm than good. Learn more.