Heart Month 2018: Wanda Taylor & Liz Brantley

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Wanda Taylor & Liz Brantley

Sisters often share a special bond, but the one thing Wanda and Liz did not want to share was high cholesterol. Both of their parents had a quadruple bypass, so they understood there was a family history of heart disease. However, it was only when the disease took their brother’s life that they became aware of their own issues with high cholesterol. Their disease was silent, and neither sister showed symptoms, but they were proactive about their health and sought doctors’ advice. After initially being told they were “too young” for concern, Wanda was eventually prescribed statins, but when the medications proved ineffective at controlling her cholesterol, she felt as though her doctors were not getting to the source of the issue. That's when Liz gave her sisterly advice and suggested Wanda come to UT Southwestern. "We were right where she needed to be, and we got here before anything tragic happened,” Liz says.

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