Worth singing about: UTSW Voice Care Center expands services to Fort Worth


The UT Southwestern Monty & Tex Moncrief Medical Center at Fort Worth opened in June in Fort Worth’s medical district.

Since its inception eight years ago, the UT Southwestern Clinical Center for Voice Care has grown into the largest voice center in Texas.

Located on the UT Southwestern campus in the Southwestern Medical District, the Center’s highly specialized, multidisciplinary team provides the highest level of patient care for all aspects of voice and airway problems, as well as swallowing disorders and diseases affecting the larynx.

Averaging 1,000 new patients per year, the Voice Center team will now be able to increase its capacity to care for even more in the North Texas area and beyond, thanks to the opening in June of the UT Southwestern Monty & Tex Moncrief Medical Center at Fort Worth. There, fellowship- trained laryngologist Kathleen Tibbetts, M.D., and speech-language pathologists Janis Deane, CCC-SLP and Se-in Kim, CCC-SLP, have begun providing the same high-level, collaborative patient care as the team in Dallas.

Functioning as an outpatient center of UT Southwestern, the new location in Fort Worth builds on UTSW’s expansion in recent years at the nearby Moncrief Cancer Institute, also located in Fort Worth’s medical district.

Two locations, one harmonious goal

“The Voice Center team members, both on the UT Southwestern campus and now in Fort Worth, are passionate about what we do and the quality of services we provide,” says Lesley Childs, M.D., Associate Medical Director of the Voice Center.

“The core of our mission is providing unparalleled patient care. In addition to that, Voice Center clinicians are engaged in clinical and translation research, reflecting a strong commitment to advancing knowledge and bringing the latest in care to our patients,” says Ted Mau, M.D., Ph.D., Voice Center Director.

At UTSW, Voice Center specialists routinely collaborate with physicians in other complementary subspecialties, such as movement disorder neurologists, gastroenterologists with expertise in pH/impedance and motility testing, and interventional pulmonologists.

A unique resource

“Your voice is a crucial communication tool,” Dr. Childs notes. “Whether you’re an opera singer whose aim is to express the entire range of human emotions or a police dispatcher handling dozens of emergency calls each day, your voice is crucial to your work and indispensable in communicating with family and friends. The Clinical Center for Voice Care is a unique resource for returning your voice to you.”

To make an appointment with the Voice Center team at UT Southwestern, call 214-645-8300. For an appointment at the new outpatient center in Fort Worth, call 817-882-2400.