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Advanced sinus surgery relieves nasal polyp symptoms – without a long recovery

Nasal polyps can make it difficult to breathe, sleep, or enjoy your daily life. Learn how advanced sinus surgery can get patients back to breathing easier – with less pain and a shorter recovery than traditional sinus procedures.

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Why follow-up care is crucial when a newborn fails ABR hearing screening

UT Southwestern and Parkland Health use ABR hearing screenings for all newborns. OAE screening is acceptable for newborns in the well-baby nursery.

Your Pregnancy Matters

What causes nosebleeds in pregnancy, and tips to manage them

During pregnancy, 20% of women get nosebleeds, compared with 6% when not pregnant. Find out why nosebleeds are more common when you're pregnant and how to manage them.


HPV: The infection behind a throat cancer epidemic

HPV, a common sexually transmitted infection, causes throat cancer in young adults. Dr. Sumer explains how a vaccine may be able to curb the epidemic.