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Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine

Kangaroo care: Health benefits for newborns and parents

Kangaroo care, or skin-to-skin contact, has many doctor-recognized benefits for newborns and parents. Research suggests it can reduce postpartum depression risk by 25%.

Car seats, cribs, and more: Safety tips for top infant products

From car seats to strollers, pediatrician Jessica Morse, M.D., discusses safety guidelines for popular baby products, some of which are often misused.

6 things to expect with Down syndrome babies

Pediatrician Jessica Morse, M.D., discusses 6 common challenges new parents of newborns with Down syndrome face – and how to keep their babies healthy.

4 reasons why babies get jaundice and might require immediate treatment

Jaundice in newborns is common, but different types of jaundice require different treatments. Pediatrician Jessica Morse, M.D., discusses the importance of treatment.

Acetaminophen risk in pregnancy: What patients need to know

Safety guidelines for taking pain medications such as Tylenol during pregnancy have not changed, despite recent research on acetaminophen risks. Robyn Horsager, M.D., discusses the news topic in her latest Your Pregnancy Matters blog.

7 strange-but-normal things to expect with a newborn

Cone-shaped head? Crying without tears? Jessica Morse, M.D., discusses seven newborn traits that surprise new parents but are almost always nothing to worry about.

How often should you bathe your baby, from birth through early childhood?

How often to bathe your baby, from birth through early childhood: UT Southwestern - MedBlog

Brain tumor surgery with quadruplets on the way: Katie's extra-complex pregnancy

Katie Sturm was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor while she was pregnant with quadruplets. She had surgery at UT Southwestern and later delivered her four sons during a pandemic. Read her amazing story on the Your Pregnancy Matters blog.

Total body cooling: Saving babies' lives after emergency delivery

Rare and unexpected labor emergencies can result in infant brain damage. But a special cooling/warming NICU therapy is shown to reduce certain disabilities and death by more than 10 percent. Learn more in this Your Pregnancy Matters article.

5 unexpected advantages of having a baby in the NICU

It can be scary to have a newborn who needs to stay in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). However, the experience can include unexpected advantages for new parents. Learn more.

NICU webcams help parents connect with newborns: The Kalias’ story

It can be tough to go home and leave a newborn in the NICU. But web cameras allow parents to connect and take part in a baby’s care even when they’re not there.