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Apples to apples: When is buying organic foods worth the price?

When it comes to buying organic foods, price trumps health benefits for many Dallas families. But choosing organic options for some produce and meat might reduce your risk of certain types of cancer. Thomas Froehlich, M.D., discusses when to go organic and when to save your money.


Hepatocellular carcinoma kills more people in Texas than in any other state: How we can fight back

More Texans die from hepatocellular carcinoma, a form of liver cancer, than people in any other state. Explore why aggressive detection and treatment of liver diseases that cause this condition are key to good outcomes.


Colon cancer screening update: Start earlier, choose the best test

The American Cancer Society now recommends that people with average risk start getting colon cancer screenings at age 45 rather than 50. Learn why this change — along with patient awareness of screening options — could potentially reduce the rate of colon cancer in the U.S.


The Cancer-Cardiac Connection

When cancer strikes, there is potential for heart damage. Specialists in cardio-oncology can help minimize this damage. Read more.


When Cancer Fights Back

Breast cancer can stay in remission for many years, thanks to effective drugs like tamoxifen. But sometimes breast cancer reappears. A new drug under study at UT Southwestern holds promise for people who are facing recurrent breast cancer. Read more.


‘It Saved My Life’


How a lymphoma clinic can lead to more accurate, specialized care

Lymphoma is one the most common cancers in the United States and sometimes can be difficult to diagnose. Discover why Syed Rizvi, M.D., says patients receive accurate, specialized care from a team approach at UT Southwestern’s lymphoma clinic.


Skin lymphoma: Rare cancer, strange symptoms, effective treatments

A rare form of lymphoma – skin lymphoma – can resemble rashes or even mushrooms on the skin. Most cases are very treatable with care from a lymphoma expert. Learn more.


5 myths about skin cancer prevention – and some truths

Is sunscreen enough to prevent skin cancer? Is our skin protected behind window glass? In this week’s blog, Jennifer Gill, M.D., Ph.D., clears up five misconceptions about skin cancer prevention, and then offers up some truths.


5 Things That Can Help You Fight Cancer

Here’s a look at a combination of smart health habits and technology that just might give you an edge.