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COVID; Pediatrics

Back to school during COVID-19: Safety advice from 3 doctors

Texas families are faced with difficult choices as the school year approaches and COVID-19 continues to spread. Three pediatric specialists provide sound safety information to help you make the best choices and checklists to help you prepare.


How COVID-19 can put your voice and life at risk

Vocal cord scarring, another COVID-19 risk, can affect speech and breathing after being on a ventilator for an extended period of time. Preventing the coronavirus is the key to avoiding voice and breathing complications.

COVID; Your Pregnancy Matters

Is it safe to get pregnant during the COVID-19 pandemic?

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, women are trying to decide whether they should delay having a baby. Dr. Robyn Horsager-Boehrer offers valuable guidance to help with this very personal decision.


COVID-19 and positivity: 7 encouraging signs amid the pandemic

Looking for a few rays of hope during the pandemic? UT Southwestern respiratory specialist Dr. Sonja Bartolome sees at least seven, including prevention measures taking hold in Texas.

COVID; Your Pregnancy Matters

Pregnancy, anxiety, and the pandemic: 4 ways to manage symptoms

Anxiety among pregnant patients has doubled during the pandemic. Consider these 4 ways to manage symptoms before, during, and after pregnancy.

COVID; Your Pregnancy Matters

Is it safe for pregnant moms to take a road trip during COVID-19?

The classic road trip is making a comeback for pregnant patients who prefer not to fly during the pandemic. Get tips for safe travels in this Your Pregnancy Matters blog.


Summer travel advisory: How to have a safe vacation amid COVID-19

The surge in COVID-19 cases has raised real concerns about summer travel plans. Respiratory specialist Dr. Sonja Bartolome provides some specific guidelines and precautions to help make your vacation as safe as possible.


COVID-19 and mask confusion: Separating myths from realities

Wearing a mask to protect yourself and others against COVID-19 pandemic should be a no-brainer, but misinformation and mixed signals have created mask confusion. Dr. Sonja Bartolome, a specialist in lung disorders and pulmonary disease, separates the myths from the medical realities.

COVID; Eyes and Vision

Don’t lose sight of eye health during the COVID-19 pandemic

During the pandemic, it's safe to get ophthalmology care for glaucoma, cataracts, or new eye symptoms. Find out why you shouldn't postpone your visit.

COVID; Your Pregnancy Matters

New and expecting moms: Don’t skip these health visits during the pandemic

New and expecting mothers may be concerned about COVID-19 risks while receiving prenatal and postpartum care, but Dr. Robyn Horsager-Boehrer explains why it’s important not to skip or delay appointments or ignore new or worsening symptoms.