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An avocado a day is good for your health

Avocados are fun to eat, nutritious, and heart-healthy. A UT Southwestern nutritionist in Dallas explains the benefits of this unique fruit and provides a healthy recipe.


Popular energy drinks come with concerns

Energy drinks are popular, but are they safe? A UT Southwestern physician explains some of his concerns.


Good news – a healthy diet includes snacks

Snacking on the right foods during the day can help you control hunger and overeating while you are dieting. But you need to choose the right kind of snack.


The Mediterranean diet shouldn't be Greek to your heart

Following the Mediterranean diet is heart-healthy. But what does that mean? A dietitian from UT Southwestern Medical Center explains.


How much calcium is too much?

The right amount builds strong bones, but too much calcium may lead to heart problems.


Make time for breakfast – the day’s most important meal

A UT Southwestern dietitian provides tips for ensuring you don't skip breakfast.


Low-carb vs. low-fat and other things to remember when dieting

if you limit carbohydrates, what are you replacing them with makes all the difference.


Why belly fat is dangerous and how to control it

Obesity is a major issue in the United States, but the latest research suggests we may need to change the way we look at fat.


Coumadin users: Let us go easy on the lettuce

Summertime is traditionally one of the best times to enjoy salads. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are readily available and at peak flavor, and keeping your kitchen cool is easier when there’s no need to turn on the oven.