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Cancer; Research

New Nanotechnology Allows Tissue-Specific Delivery of Genomic Medicines

Researchers are combining experience in chemical synthesis and nanoparticle engineering with their knowledge of cancer development to design future therapies.

Genitourinary Cancer; Research

ChIA-PET Sequencing Provides Insight into Prostate Cancer Genomics

Leveraging chIA-PET sequencing, researchers at UT Southwestern have discovered findings that could lead to novel prostate cancer therapies. Learn more here.

Gynecologic Cancer; Research

Novel Biomarker Might Lead to Personalized, Targeted Therapy

ADP-ribosylation could help scientists predict PARP inhibitor sensitivity in ovarian and breast cancer patients. Learn how UT Southwestern is advancing this research.

Lung Cancer; Research

Novel Drug Combination Fights Resistance to TKI Therapy

A new drug pairing discovered at the UT Southwestern Simmons Cancer Center might extend the effectiveness of a lung cancer treatment. Learn more now.