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UT Southwestern Medical Center plastic surgeons can enhance and repair the appearance of the ear using otoplasty, or ear plastic surgery.

As one of the premier cosmetic and reconstructive surgery clinical and research centers in the country, UT Southwestern leads the way in improvements in surgical techniques to attain a natural look.

Reenvisioning and Recreating the Ear

We treat adult and pediatric patients with otoplasty to change the shape, size, or position of the ear.

In addition to changing the folds of the ear, UT Southwestern surgeons can also enhance the size of smaller ears or add natural curves and fold when they are absent. We can also recreate or replace an ear that was lost due to an injury or illness.

All our surgeons have completed extensive training in plastic surgery, studying for an additional six to nine years after completing their medical school education. Our board-certified surgeons have passed rigorous written and oral exams to receive board certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Ear Plastic Surgery: What to Expect

Otoplasty generally takes two to three hours. General anesthesia is used. There will be temporary swelling, bruising, and some pain. Most patients can return to regular activities such as work in as soon as one day. 

Ear plastic surgery can be done with minimal postoperative bandaging. Placing a thin layer of silicone dressing behind the ear can make postoperative recovery more presentable than traditional bandaging.

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