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North Texan Donates a Kidney to Save a Stranger

An anonymous living donor gives part of herself to save a stranger.


Lung transplant: The harrowing journey from donor to recipient

An organ’s trek from donor to recipient is a well-choreographed, sometimes dramatic, process. Dr. Michael Wait takes readers along the lungs’ journey.


What potential donors need to know about living kidney donation

Selena Gomez’s lifesaving kidney transplant put organ donation in the spotlight. How we select donors, and answers to FAQs about benefits and risks.


When a doctor may recommend lung transplant to treat COPD, emphysema, or pulmonary fibrosis

Lung diseases can have major negative effects on patients’ quality of life. Learn about when we recommend a lung transplant to treat these conditions.


A Family Affair: The Dandridges

Chuck Dandridge became the first adult in the U.S. to receive a newly modified stem cell transplant that uses genetically engineered blood cells from a family member.


Kidney Donation Provides Second Chance at Life

This special friendship and a partnership between UT Southwestern and UMC Health System dovetailed in 2016 when Jamie learned she needed a kidney transplant.


Rare Double Transplant Keeps Life Playing for Texas Musician

Andie Kay Joyner shares the story of the heart and liver transplant that gave her a renewed purpose in life.


Gift of a lifetime

A routine cholesterol check first threatened Chuck Dandridge’s retirement and then his life. But an experimental procedure at UT Southwestern and a gift from his son, Jon, produced a remarkable turnaround – and some medical history.


UTSW is first in Texas to transplant lungs using new technology to make organs more viable

This new technology, now in use at UTSW, can increase the number of lungs available for transplant by up to 15 percent.

Heart; Transplant

A New Heart helped Dana Return to the Stage

Life after a heart transplant