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Gift of a lifetime

A routine cholesterol check first threatened Chuck Dandridge’s retirement and then his life. But an experimental procedure at UT Southwestern and a gift from his son, Jon, produced a remarkable turnaround – and some medical history.


UTSW is first in Texas to transplant lungs using new technology to make organs more viable

This new technology, now in use at UTSW, can increase the number of lungs available for transplant by up to 15 percent.

Heart; Transplant

A New Heart helped Dana Return to the Stage

Life after a heart transplant


Transplant programs reach elite benchmarks

2015 has been an important year for the UT Southwestern transplantation programs, two of which reached significant milestones in the number of procedures their specialists have performed.


Programs celebrate lifesaving milestones


Genetics and the heart: Using your family’s past to see into the future

Genetic testing reassures a woman she has not inherited her mother’s troublesome heart genes.

Transplant; Your Pregnancy Matters

‘Baby blues’ or postpartum depression?

After a baby is born, are you feeling blue, or is it postpartum depression? Two UT Southwestern doctors in Dallas talk about how to tell the difference.


Organ donation – the gift of life

Melissa Robinson gave one of her kidneys to her friend, Dewayne Dunning. A doctor at UT Southwestern in Dallas talks about the advantages of having a living organ donor for such transplants.


Portable ECMO Machine Adds Another Option to Lung Transplant Program Portfolio

Portable ECMO Machine Adds Another Option to Lung Transplant Program Portfolio at UT Southwestern


Breath of Life

Courtney White had battled cystic fibrosis since she was a young child. By her 20s, the disease had gotten progressively worse, to the point that she was near death. Here's the story of how UT Southwestern physicians swung into action and used their expertise, and new technology, to give Courtney her second wind.