Reconstructive Surgery

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UT Southwestern Medical Center’s plastic surgeons are uniquely trained in providing reconstructive procedures that can be life-changing for both adults and children.

We have a strong commitment to excellence in patient care and research, and we’re passionate about leading changes and improvements in the way reconstructive procedures are performed.

World-Class Adult and Pediatric Care

UT Southwestern’s plastic surgeons care for each patient’s unique needs, using precise surgical techniques and innovative materials and technology, such as microsurgery, tissue substitutes, and the latest in wound care. 

Our surgeons offer comprehensive reconstructive treatment plans to improve function and restore the face, body, and extremities to a more natural appearance. Our services include:

Our plastic surgeons are dedicated to supporting each patient throughout the reconstructive process. This support includes an introduction to the clinical team that will be working with the surgeon and patient, and an initial evaluation that addresses the condition and reviews surgical treatment options, the expected postoperative care, and life beyond the procedure.

About Our Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons

Our surgeons are trained extensively in plastic and reconstructive surgery. They:

  • Offer exceptional skill in reconstructive surgical advancements
  • Participate in groundbreaking clinical trials
  • Evaluate products and technology before they are available to the general public
  • Adhere to a strict code of ethics
  • Teach future surgeons
  • Lead continuing education for practicing physicians, nationally and abroad