William T. and Gay F. Solomon General Internal Medicine Clinic

at Professional Office Building 2

5939 Harry Hines Blvd., 8th Floor, Suite 124
Dallas, Texas 75390 (Directions)

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As general internists, we form partnerships with you with the goal of optimizing your health and quality of life. Our mission is to provide high-quality, comprehensive, and personalized medical care, using state-of-the-art equipment and technology, to ensure the very best outcomes for you and your family.

Our primary care physicians specialize in maintaining long-term adult wellness. Additionally, there is an internal medicine team that treats pediatric patients.

Highlights of our care include:

  • Preventive medicine
  • Treatment for acute infections
  • Chronic disease management including prevention, diagnosis, and treatment for conditions including diabetesheart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and osteoporosis
  • Weight management
  • Pre-operative assessments
  • Consultations and second opinions
  • Geriatric care
  • A pediatrics clinic, with services that include: 
    • Routine well-child examinations and immunizations
    • Prenatal visits to evaluate the clinic
    • Sports and camp physicals
    • Sexually transmitted infections screening and prevention
    • Birth control counseling

Our physicians also coordinate the care of patients with complex disorders, assuring that all aspects of their health receive the proper care. They also oversee active research programs in Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis prevention, cancer epidemiology, geriatrics, hypertension, and various genetic disorders, providing patients the benefit of the latest medical thinking.

Team-Based Care

To provide comprehensive, patient-centered care, we work in teams that are led by our physicians and advanced practice providers (APPs), with support from our nurses, our medical assistants as well as our clinic pharmacist, our nutritionists, and our clinic social worker. As a team, we strive to proactively address your comprehensive care needs and to collaborate in the management of your chronic and acute health concerns.

The foundation of our team-based, patient-centered care model is the partnership between our physicians and our APPs. As highly trained, experienced professionals, our APPs work diligently alongside our physicians to address your health concerns and to promote your well-being.

If you need frequent follow-ups or medication adjustments, you may be helped by one of our providers with a Pharm.D. (Doctor of Pharmacy) – a doctoral degree for pharmacists. Providers who have a Pharm.D. work alongside your primary care provider to ensure you stay healthy.

Working together enhances our ability to provide high-quality patient care while ensuring that you have access to care when you need it.

Appointments and Contacting Us

Day of Your Appointment

Please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment to allow time for registration, insurance verification, and other paperwork. There is sometimes congestion in the valet line and self-parking lot, so please leave plenty of time to get parked.

Please bring a list of your medications or your medicine bottles with you. If you have recently been seen by a provider, urgent care clinic, emergency room, or hospital outside the UT Southwestern system, please bring a copy of the treatment plan and test results you received upon discharge.

This will help ensure that all of your urgent medical care needs are addressed during your first visit and help prevent duplication of services.

Urgent Care Appointments

If you get sick on a day when your doctor is not available, our team of APPs is available to evaluate and treat your urgent care needs with a same-day or next-day appointment. If you’re sick, please call the clinic at 214-645-8600 to speak with a nurse about the best plan.

After-Hours and Weekend Urgent Care Advice

After clinic hours and over the weekend, we always have a doctor on call to give urgent or emergency medical advice by telephone. Our answering service can be reached after hours at 214-645-8600. We do not refill medications after hours. Please call about refills or appointments during normal business hours.

Making, Changing, or Canceling an Appointment

Please call the clinic or send a MyChart message to make or change an appointment. If you are trying to make a same-day urgent care appointment or are canceling an appointment scheduled for later that day, please call the clinic. Do not use MyChart for same-day scheduling or canceling.

Routine and Urgent Care Telephone Calls

We aim to answer phone calls about non-urgent issues (such as refills, appointments, forms, etc.) within 24-48 hours. If you are calling because you are sick, our nurses are available to give telephone advice and will contact your doctor about immediate concerns.

Using the MyChart Electronic Patient Portal

We strongly encourage patients to sign up for and use our MyChart electronic patient portal for easy access to their health information (medications, test results, appointments, etc.) and to get in touch with their clinical team about non-urgent issues (refills, appointments, routine medical advice or health concerns). MyChart is strictly for non-urgent or emergent issues because it can take 2-3 days for these messages to be screened, routed to providers, and answered.

Tips and Guidelines for Using MyChart

MyChart is never for emergencies or immediate issues. For a true medical emergency, please call 911. If you have an urgent issue that must be addressed the same day, please call the clinic directly at 214-645-8600 to speak with a nurse.

MyChart messages are meant to be brief. Short messages with one simple request can be handled most promptly. Lengthy messages with numerous concerns are best handled by calling and usually require a visit.

MyChart messages are received and reviewed by our nurses, who are able to address most questions and concerns. They will contact your doctor about issues that require additional input.

MyChart is most effectively used for non-urgent things such as:

  • Medication refill requests
  • Appointment requests or advance cancellations
  • Questions about medications, labs, or imaging results, or follow-up instructions from your prior visit
  • Updates on receiving a vaccine elsewhere (“I got my flu shot at a pharmacy on this date.”)