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Concussions: Setting the record straight

Concussions are serious injuries that affect all age groups. Yet what you hear in the news is not always accurate. We debunk common concussion myths.

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Talking about teen suicide: Why it’s increasing and what parents and doctors can do

Teen suicide is on the rise in North Texas, but signs that a teen is at risk might not be obvious. Betsy Kennard, Psy.D., discusses potential causes for the uptick in teen suicide, risk factors to consider, and protective factors that can save teens’ lives.


From pain pills to heroin: How we can save patients from the slippery slope

Heroin addiction patients aren’t stereotypical figures lurking in the shadows. They’re moms, teachers – everyday people who get hooked on opioids and turn to heroin when the pills run out. Discover how patients make the dangerous leap and how ending the addiction stigma can help save lives.

Brain; Mental Health

Overcoming Therapy Resistant Depression

Imagine battling severe depression for decades with no treatment making a difference.


New migraine treatments that prevent, relieve pain

Dr. Friedman discusses advancements in migraine treatment, including magnetic and electrode stimulation.


Tightening the stroke treatment timeline: A plan for North Texas

From the 911 call to hospital intervention, high-quality stroke care relies on strategically budgeted time segments. Dr. Novakovic discusses stroke systems of care and why hospitals of all sizes are crucial to regional success.

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Dr. Elizabeth Maher: Through the Lens of 2HG

Improving patient care through collaborative brain tumor research.

Brain; Discovery

Dr. Joseph Takahashi: Circadian Revelations

Understanding the role of sleep behavior in relation to neurological disorders.

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Dr. Madhukar Trivedi: The Depression Initiative

Revolutionizing treatment and early detection procedures for mood disorders.

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Dr. Marc Diamond: On The Trail Of Tau

Gaining ground on the path to a cure for many Alzheimer and neurodegenerative diseases.